Monday, October 30, 2006

All Right You Right Wing Nazis, We're Taking Over Right Now!

The American People have spoken! You've all read the polls! It's over!

The World can't wait until next Tuesday, so we're moving forward with our agenda now!

No more conservatives on the airwaves or the Internet. And we're starting with this stinking right wing propaganda machine right here!

You can forget about your little blogging party there, Mr. Right! It's re-education camp time for you! Time's up, you troglodytes! The time has come for us to protect Free Speech by shutting you up once and for all!

Now --- Time to bring in a new blogging team and a new set of curtains!

Next we're going to Ace of Spades... and Wizbang... and Powerline... and Little Green Footballs... and Lucianne... and Michelle Malkin... and Hugh Hewitt... and Instapundit... and then we're going to Free Republic to take back the Internet!


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