Monday, February 26, 2007

Caption Contest: Not A Negative Nancy Edition - WINNERS

First off, sorry about my weird rule about submitting to both this blog and mine. The contest was originally supposed to be just on my blog, but Mr. Right gave me the okay to do one on his. All entries, regardless of where they submitted, were considered.

And so, without further Apu...

Here are the Honourable Mentions!

"The Portrait of Nancy Pelosi."

"Remind me to switch plastic surgeons...I feel like my face is going to split." - Pam

"Nancy experiences a huge headrush while thinking about all the money and guns she is going to take from her subjects..." - jimmyb

"Terrorism? Ha! I don't see any terrorism!" - Uber

"After getting plenty of fiber in her diet, Nancy Pelosi drops a load at the feet of House Republican Whip Roy Blunt."

"Try as she might, Nancy Pelosi is always unable to imagine herself as being liked by all." - Carl

Here are the top five winners:

#5: "Suddenly Nancy rips off a world class and noxious gas bomb yelling, "THAT'S TERRORISM"!" - Stew

#4: "As seen in this photo, Nancy Pelosi experiences an orgasm each and every time the word "redeployment" is mentioned." - Carl

#3: "When singing to the troops, Nancy Pelosi's attempt to hit that high note in the song "Loving you" made even a deaf dog howl in pain." - GOP and College

#2: - Cowboy Blob

And now, drum roll please... The number one entry!!!

#1: "Nancy Pelosi auditions for the part of Mrs. Ida Lowry in the remake of the 1985 movie Brazil." - Pam

Brava! Brava!

Encore! Encore!

I will have up a new contest soon, only at In the Right Place!

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