Monday, February 05, 2007

"Rex Grossman Deserves To Be The MVP"

"After All, he was the best player for the Colts" - My Roommate

I almost feel bad for the guy. He only had 165 yards passing, was picked off twice, fumbled the snap twice, with one being turned over to the Colts, and was sacked "once." I say "once" because the play after he was really sacked, he fumbled the snap, then fell on the ball 11 yards back. The play was counted as a 0 yard run with a fumble, recovered by Grossman 11 yards back.

The Bears were just like the Ohio State Buckeyes in the fact that they ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown, but then after that, they played a lack-luster game, and lost. The only difference between the Gators and the Colts was the fact that the Gators ripped 44 points into the Buckeyes, and the Colts managed 29.

Here's a good analysis of the two teams I saw:
"Nice friggin' D! When two teams combine to score 30 points at the half in a wind-swept downpour, there's something seriously wrong. Only my underwear has more holes than these two combined defenses." - Wyatt

Also something that was pointed out to me was the fact that after he threw his interception, Manning added a noticeable "umph" to his passes. Rex however did not adapt, and hence hung up a floater for the key 4th quarter pick that sealed the game.

So, Mr. Right might kill me for this, but...Looks like Chicago choked again.

Congrats to Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, and all of the Colts on winning Super Bowl XLI

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