Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi Elections

The people of Iraq voted today.

Turnout was higher than expected. Despite threats from the terrorists to those that dared to vote, it seems most of Iraq chose to defy them. I have seen pictures and videos depicting jubilant Iraqis dancing in the streets, chanting, singing, waving flags and proudly displaying their fingers, coated in blue dye, to show the world that they had voted.

There was some violence, but far less than anticipated.

So much for "Bush's Vietnam" as Senator Ted "I'm a disgrace to my office, my constituents, my country and my family name" Kennedy called it.

I wonder if anyone in the increasingly irrelevant Democratic Party outside of Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller will now have the guts, the class and the common decency to actually admit Bush did something right. Then again, the sky would likely turn to ash and all the stars in the heavens simultaneously implode if such a thing were to happen.

To our brave men and women in uniform, and to all of those from the coalition, who made this day possible, thank you and God bless you all.

To all the courageous Iraqis who took a stand for freedom and voted despite the very real peril involved, may God grant you and your children, and all the generations to come, the peace, prosperity and freedom all the people of this world should rightly enjoy.

To those in the "not in my name" crowd, may God grant you a functional brain cell or two and a clue to go with them.

First Afghanistan, now Iraq. Let freedom ring!