Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to thank you for visiting my blog.

I know it's getting stale and I hope to be able to find some time for it again in the coming year, once the mad rush of the holidays are over with. The project I previously mentioned is about 80% complete, but I have had nary a moment to work on it of late.

May the coming year be filled with joy and prosperity for us all!

God Bless America!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm Still Here!

Sorry I have not been blogging of late, but my schedule has become absolutely insane recently! (Real life, what a pain!)

I am presently working on a large project for this blog (I do seem to have a penchant for long-winded, well-researched material, don't I?) which I will run with as soon as I am able to finish it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Blogging here will remain light for the foreseeable future, at least through the holidays. Please check back sometime, as I will do my best to make it worth your while. Thank you for your patience!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Moonbat Song

(sung to the tune of "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens)

The left is being swallowed by the Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats
Seething and a-frothing little Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats

And ever since they lost their heads
Forgot to swallow all their meds
And ever since they lost their heads
We-de-de-de-de, we-de-de-de
They just can't control their rage

And if they ever lost their mouths
Their ugly bilge would still pour out
And if they ever lost their mouths
We-de-de-de-de, we-de-de-de
They'd still type their insane screeds

The left is being swallowed by the Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats
Seething and a-frothing little Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats

And if you ever lose your mind
And stick your head up your behind
And if you ever lose your mind
We-de-de-de-de, we-de-de-de
You, too, can be one of them

And when they lost election night
And started howling at the right
And when they lost election night
We-de-de-de-de, we-de-de-de
They called everyone rude names

Didn't think they could lose it
They claim the result's a lie
Didn't think they would lose it
Now all they can do is cry

The left is being swallowed by the Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats
Seething and a-frothing little Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats
Moonbats Moonbats

The Great Moonbat Meltdown of 2004

Let me begin by stating unequivocally that I do not, for one moment, believe that all, or even most, Democrats, Liberals or Kerry voters in general are of the same mindset of intolerance and seething vitriolic rage that infects those among them whose activities I am about to chronicle. I do most emphatically believe, however, that these types are becoming all-too-common within their ranks, and that a very real danger exists that we are soon going to see their blinding ideological hatred for everyone and everything they disagree with develop into something truly ugly, violent and destructive if these people are not forced to wake up and get a grip on reality!

Let us examine now, in depth, the Great Moonbat Meltdown of 2004 in the wake of the election:


The victimization culture that the far left just seems to feed off, continues.

I would venture to guess that pretty much anyone reading this has faced big disappointments at times in their lives. Sometimes profound disappointments. Sometimes related to elections, even Presidential elections (for me, it was Clinton winning in 1992 & 1996). Yet, how many of us were so distraught over these disappointments we became unable to function, to the point where we needed professional therapy to get over it?

Enter the Moonbats!

Really now, what is a victim nowadays without some sort of concocted medical condition to blame it all on? Voila! Introducing "P.E.S.T." or Post-Election Selection Trauma! And now, we have miraculous recovery stories to marvel over as the gullible and insecure scream out, "Me, too!" "I must be afflicted, also!" "Will my HMO cover this?" "Can I get paid leave from work until I am fully recovered?" "Who can I sue?" "Where is my attorney's phone number?"

People, not to be cold here, but come on, already! It's an election. Your guy lost. There will be another election in four years. In the meantime, believe me, America WILL survive! And so will you, if you let yourself! Buck it up!

Do you really want to end up having a meltdown over an election like Hollywood prima donna Vincent D'Onfrio of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", "Men In Black" and "Full Metal Jacket" fame? To quote Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: "What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?" [WARNING - RAW LANGUAGE ALERT!]


Whooo, boy! The venom that is being spit out all over the good people of the Red States and everyone else who wasn't "intelligent" enough to vote for John Kerry is vile, potent and in plentiful supply!

We should have seen this one coming! After all, some lovely Democrats in Tennessee produced that wonderfully sensitive flyer in the weeks before the election to let us all know that:
"Voting for Bush Is Like Running In The Special Olympics - Even If You Win, You're Still Retarded!"

Columnist Jane Smiley wants all of the Kerry supporters out there to understand the true extent of the ignorance of Bush voters.

The British publication "The Daily Mirror" wanted to know how so many Americans could be "so DUMB" as to re-elect Mr. Bush.

Graphic designer Nick Jehlen of Madison, Wisconsin has launched a new website to let all you rednecks down in Dixieland know just what he thinks of y'all! Be sure to send him a "howdy" so he knows what you think of him, too! [WARNING - RAW LANGUAGE ALERT!]

Some guy named Tim Price posted a screed on a site called The to let all us Bushies know that "America has lost this election" and we are "lukewarm fascists" who were bribed and duped by the "imbecile" we elected.

And then there are these wonderful examples of America's best and brightest, marching through the streets of San Francisco, pouting in the aftermath of the election. Their mothers should be SO proud! [WARNING - RAW LANGUAGE ALERT!]

Now, you too can apologize to the whole wide world for the ignorance of so many of your fellow Americans, thanks to the self-loathing apologists at Quick, someone let me know if my voting for Bush makes me guilty of crimes against humanity!

If you'd like, you can make up your own "Moonbat Rant" with help from Sean Gleeson's "Autorantic Virtual Moonbat."


It seems there are quite a few folks out there among the tin-foil head-gear crowd who are actually pushing this notion. The loony-left message boards are abuzz with whispers and moans about how machines were tampered with, voters were disenfranchised, etc. The crux of their arguments tend to revolve around the notion that if the exit polls said Kerry should have won, then they just simply could not have been wrong! Oh, dear God! I'll let you take that one at face value. Then, if you believe in this theory, please contact me. I have some farmland in the Florida Everglades I'd just love to talk to you about!

The problem here is that a so-called "journalist", namely ex-ESPN smarmy sports-guy and current MSNBC "Kool-Aid" drinker Keith Olbermann, is actually pushing this story, merit or no merit! Gee, Keith, do you think you ought to give up on this angle yet? Or does it not strike you as odd that such bastions of Conservative opinion as ABC News, The New York Times and the head of the Kerry campaign's legal team are among those who are now debunking this load of crap?

Pssst! Hey, Keith. I think the tin-foil layer beneath your toupé may be a tad tight there, buddy. You might want to have the little grey men check it for you when they beam you up for your nightly anal probe!

Ah, but Mr. Olbermann is not alone! Lefty writer and fellow tin-foil hatter Greg Palast has joined the chorus of idiots. And the George Soros backed anti-Bush group wants to launch a Congressional investigation!

Heck, we now have the failed Presidential candidates from the Green and Libertarian parties asking for Ohio recounts, for crying out loud! Let me clue you in fellows, you didn't even come CLOSE to winning Ohio... OR ANY OTHER STATE!!! It couldn't be that they are doing super-secret undercover work for the Democrats by doing this, could it? Giving the Kerry camp plausible deniability and filtering them from any backlash over an ugly recount mess by fronting for them? Nyah! Not a chance!

But, then again, one has to wonder what the heck Ralph Nader is doing going after a recount in New Hampshire, where Kerry beat Bush by about 1%, or just over 9,000 votes! Nader seems to think Kerry should have won by more!

This sort of paranoid conspiracy rhetoric can, quite frankly, be very dangerous if not nipped in the bud quickly! It is time for those who did not support the President's re-election to gracefully accept defeat and, as their favorite 527's name suggests, MoveOn!


So, you say you no longer feel welcome in your homeland? Too conservative, backward and stupid for the likes of you? Maybe you can flee to some beautiful Socialist Utopia!

How about our nearest and dearest neighbor to the North, Canada, eh? Word has it this is a popular choice among the disaffected American Moonbat population, so be prepared to wait in line.

Or maybe you'd prefer to look into more options?

Buh-bye, now! Don't let the border hit you on the a** on the way out!


It is hard to take these people seriously, and most are likely just blowing off steam, but you get the feeling there are some who would like to see this secession thing through, including MSNBC analyst Lawrence "You Creepy Lying Liar" O'Donnell, so let's take a moment to address the issue, shall we?

We now know who John Edwards was talking to, and about, when he came up with that whole "Two Americas" thing. It seems many of the Liberals in the Blue States want to secede from those they consider to be brain-dead, homophobic, bible-thumping, rednecked hicks in the Red States. Oh, that ought to teach 'em! The Blue States have all the brains and culture, the finest higher education institutions, all of the premier artists and intellectuals, the lion's share of business savvy and money, they tell us. Okay...

Have you ever stopped to consider little things like the country's food supply, energy and raw materials. Most of THAT comes from the Red States, geniuses! You know... that big, useless red clump of "fly-over" country in the middle of the damned map! Tell me, just how exactly would California get much of its fresh water or its power without Hoover Dam? Or are the Red State "in-breds" of Arizona and Nevada just supposed to keep it all flowing for you after La-La Land jumps off the map and leaves them in the lurch? Fat chance! You think it's expensive NOW?

And get this straight, losers: Illinois will secede from the Union OVER MY DEAD BODY! I'm pretty certain, however, that such a sacrifice will never be necessary. In fact, I'm absolutely certain. Here's why: The vast majority of the people of the State of Illinois, a "Midwestern values" kind of place, if ever there was one, would never go along with your plans - including many of those who may have, for whatever misguided reason, voted for John Kerry and/or Al Gore in the last two elections! Trust me, I know these people. I've lived with them all of my life! Same goes for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania, "Big Ten" states all! Kerry won all of those by bare majorities in this last election. Make the topic secession, and how many votes do you think you'll get? You WERE planning on letting us VOTE before you dragged us all with you, weren't you??? Or maybe not, since you think it's all a big fix anyway! (Come to think of it, why didn't Karl Rove manage to steal all of THESE states while he was at it?)

Or maybe you were thinking Civil War II instead? It ain't going to happen, people! Are you telling me the "No blood for oil"/"Not in my name"/"Peace at any price"/"Bush lied, kids died" crowd is going to start an ARMED REBELLION??? Against the gun-loving, card carrying members of the NRA and "leathernecks" and "jarheads" in the "America, love it or leave it" Red States and rural areas of their own Blue States? How many of these aging hippies even own a handgun, much less a shotgun, rifle or semi-automatic? How many of them have ever even been in a fist-fight for crying out loud? Honestly, who would you bet your money on? Or more importantly, your life?

It's simple: the VAST majority of Americans want to go on being Americans. In Red States AND in Blue States! You might garner limited support for your hair-brained scheme to split this country apart from some small pockets of left-wing lunatics in certain Ultra-Liberal metro areas, like the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C. or some collegiate communities like Madison or Berkeley, but it'll never fly!

Have you ever even looked at this county-by-county election map? Most of the Blue States are not exactly a solid blue! I would dare to say not a single state in this Union would secede if it were put to a vote, even if only a simple bare majority were needed to approve such a thing! Get over yourselves!


Okay, from here on out, this article is no longer meant to be funny. To demonstrate to you that some of these loons are truly dangerous, I present some shameful examples of violence and reprehensible behavior.

First, please take a look at some of the goings-on in the run-up to the election. If you are unaware of the rash of violence that preceded this election, I suggest you look at the list compiled by Daniel Hyams at his blog, NoTinfoil Hats Allowed. It is really quite disturbing!

And don't think it ends there! Since the election we have more reports of vandalism at GOP offices in North Carolina and Chicago, a Colorado teacher who kicked a student for wearing a College Republicans sweatshirt and an assault with a bat on a Bush supporter by three angry Kerry supporters at a Minnesota high school.

And there are others out there who are just looking for trouble! Check out this nutball, courtesy of Can you imagine some idiot placing a classified ad for a Bush supporter he can beat up?

And from the real lunatic fringe, comes this thread on the Bill Maher discussion board asking the "rhetorical" question: "Shooting Republicans ethical? Discuss." Our threadmaster, calling himself "moulty," even fantasizes about a bomb going off during Bush's victory speech after the election, wiping out everyone on the stage, as well as Mary Matalin, then wishes for a truck to run over Karen Hughes! Be warned, many of the idiots replying on this thread are just as bad, or worse! I can't help but wonder if the FBI or Secret Service would care to pay any of these folks a little visit? [WARNING - RAW LANGUAGE ALERT!]

Finally, and perhaps most disturbingly of all, the New York Times' Dean E. Murphy recently published a column that seems to be asking God to kill President Bush! And they call us religious whackos!

When will this madness stop? Will the left continue to be consumed by their hatred and loathing until real tragedy strikes? Or maybe just until they get trounced even worse in future elections? Perhaps they will finally grow the f**k up and stop throwing childish temper tantrums, hurling insults, making ludicrous accusations and idiotic suggestions and, most importantly, threatening and intimidating people! Time will tell... but I'm not holding my breath!

Hat tips all around: Everyone at (in alphabetical order) Ace of Spades, Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, The Cool Blue Blog, Dean's World, Free Republic, Hog on Ice, Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, No Tin Foil Hats Allowed, PoliPundit, Power Line, Pull on Superman's Cape, Red State, Sean Gleeson, Sondra and The Volokh Conspiracy.

Friday, November 12, 2004

60 Million...and Counting!

For the last week and a half, since President Bush's re-election, I have remained more or less silent here, but I have been keeping an eye on the world-at-large nonetheless. The Great Moonbat Meltdown of 2004 has been going on in its completely predictable manner and I will try to document some of it for you soon. In the meantime, check this out, courtesy of Jayson Javitz at my favorite blog, PoliPundit:


No, not Vincent D’Onofrio’s psychotherapy tab.

That’s the total number of ballots, as of today’s date, that were cast in favor of President re-elect George W. Bush.

-- Jayson

Wow! Way to go, W!!! I'll bet you the MSM won’t be giving out that updated total in any high-profile manner anytime soon (or ever)!

No mandate, huh? Illegitamate Presidency, huh? Jeez, these losers just do not get it! Still, the “Bush stole the election” drumbeat grows louder at the left fringe. Keep pounding those drums guys:

Get your friends from the MSM to keep reporting on this stolen election angle - dig deep!

File a thousand class action lawsuits to try to overturn the election results!

Keep on whining and calling all Bush voters idiots and retards (all 60 million+ of us)!

Keep encouraging Michael Moore to produce that F9/11 sequel!

Make certain to move further and further to the left and get louder and angrier and more in America’s face every step of the way!

Talk openly about secession!

Insist the President has no mandate and pressure the Democrats in the Senate and House to work to block the President’s agenda and every nominee he sends up to any court or government post anywhere!

Continue to lecture us all on the merits of gay marriage, partial-birth abortion, higher taxes, bigger government, more entitlement programs, the Kyoto Treaty, the World Court, the UN, France & Germany, the “global test” we need to pass before we take action to defend ourselves, etc., etc., etc.!

Finally, PLEASE nominate another Northeastern Liberal for President next time (like, say, Hillary Clinton)!

With all of your continued frenzied efforts to turn off voters to the Democratic Party, and wingnut leftwing moonbats like yourselves, we’ll top the 65,000,000 mark in 2008! Hell, 70,000,000 might not be out of the question! And we can almost certainly break the 60 GOP Senator mark by then, too!

Go, lefties, go!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election 2004 Results

It is time to review the results of yesterday's general election and compare them to my earlier predictions. All-in-all, I must say I didn't do too badly. My one and only real big miss was the margin of Bush's victory over Kerry. Up until the last few days, I had been much more cautious about tossing too many Gore states over into the President's column, but I allowed my enthusiasm and optimism to cloud my judgment. Lesson learned. In the future, I will make predictions more with my head than with my gut feelings.

My feelings about the polls being way off were both right and wrong. Many of the polls were, in fact, dreadfully wrong (Zogby, American Research Group and The L.A. Times, as well as the most-recent batches from CNN/USA Today/Gallup and Fox News/Opinion Dynamics to name a few), but there were others that had a pretty good read on the race (e.g. Rasmussen, Mason-Dixon). I guess I know who I'll pay closer attention to next time, and who I will continue to feel quite right to ignore.

My Senate predictions turned out pretty darned good. I missed only one call in the Senate out of nine competitive races (88.9% efficiency). Not bad! The only reason I missed the other one (picking Coors over Salazar) was due to my mistrust in the polls again, especially considering their track record in the last Colorado Senate race as I explained in my write-up. Still, a terrific night for the GOP in the Senate! Bye-bye, Mr. Daschle, don't let the door hit you in the posterior on the way out!

As for the House, I didn't too badly there either. Only two races not included in the "Ones to Watch" section were even close (I still had the winners of both called correctly) and overall, I missed on only four picks, all of them rated as tossups from the get-go. The GOP gained seats here also, as expected. What a night!

I have to say, however, that the biggest losers last night were not any of the candidates, but the mainstream media and their laughable exit-polling system! Early in the afternoon, some of the results of these "exit polls" were being leaked, posted on the Internet and hyped by left-wing bloggers as proof-positive of an impeding Kerry landslide! What a bunch of poor, delusional souls! Many in the media, who have free access to these polls and had come to rely on them over the years (inspite of recent evidence that they were suspect at best), began to change their attitudes throughout the course of the afternoon and early evening, before the polls had even closed in a single state, in a way that betrayed both their partisan bent and what they think they knew was going on. No wonder they couldn't call any of the Bush states without waiting for massive amounts of actual returns to come in! According to their precious polling data, Bush was going to lose an untold number of the states he ended up winning by comfortable margins!

To watch so many of these "impartial" liberal hacks on television have those smug smiles wiped off their faces as the evening wore on and reality Bush-whacked them up-side their swelled heads was too beautiful for words! Some of them really seemed as if they might cry and others started making wildly goofy statements as they all sat there stunned by this most-unwelcomed turn of events! It seems the actual Will-of-the-People did not match the growing expectations that they had suceeded in their relentless efforts to hatchet-job a much hated Republican President into an early retirement! I told you watching the mainstream media meltdown Tuesday was going to be fun, and they set themselves up for it all the more wonderfully with their pathetic polls! Maybe they've learned a valuable lesson here about counting their chickens before they've hatched, or about becoming too emotionally involved and developing a vested interest in a process in which they are supposed to be impartial observers, or about letting actual vote counts decide the outcome of elections. Maybe, but somehow I doubt it! Oh, well, serves them right!

What follows are the (somewhat preliminary) results of some of the more interesting races from this election...

President of the United States:
George W. Bush (R) 51% over John F. Kerry (D) 48%

Electoral College Votes*:
Bush 274 over Kerry 252
(12 Electoral Votes unresolved, all leaning Bush)

Bush States (29):

Kerry States (19 + DC):
CA, CT, DE, HI*, IL, ME*, MD, MA, MI*, MN*, NH*, NJ*, NY, OR, PA*, RI, VT, WA, WI*, DC

States Unresolved - Leaning Bush (2):

U.S. Senate: GOP +4*
55 Republicans, 44 Democrats, 1 Independent (leans Democrat)

Republican Holds:
AK: Murkowski (R) 49% over Knowles (D) 45%
KY: Bunning (R) 51% over Mongiardo (D) 49%
OK [Open-R]: Coburn (R) 53% over Carson (D) 41%

Republican Pickups:
FL [Open-D]: Martinez (R) 50% over Castor (D) 48%
GA [Open-D]: Isakson (R) 58% over Majette (D) 40%
LA [Open-D]: Vitter (R) 51% over John (D) 29%
NC [Open-D]: Burr (R) 52% over Bowles (D) 47%
SC [Open-D]: DeMint (R) 54% over Tenenbaum (D) 44%
SD: Thune (R) 51% over Daschle (D) 49%

Democrat Holds:
WA: Murray (D) 55% over Nethercutt (D) 43%
WI: Feingold (D) 56% over Michels (R) 44%

Democrat Pickups:
CO [Open-R]*: Salazar (D) 51% over Coors (R) 47%
IL [Open-R]: Obama (D) 70% over Keyes (R) 27%

U.S. House of Representatives: GOP +4*
231 Republicans, 200 Democrats, 1 Independent (leans Dem)

(3 races remain unresolved)

Republican Holds:
CT-02: Simmons (R) 54% over Sullivan (D) 46%
CT-04: Shays (R) 52% over Farrell (D) 48%
NE-01 [Open-R]: Fortenberry (R) 54% over Connealy (D) 43%
NC-11: Taylor (R) 55% over Keever (D) 45%
**PA-06: Gerlach (R) 51% over Murphy (D) 49%
TX-19: Neugebauer (R) 58% over Stenholm (D) 40%
TX-32: Sessions (R) 54% over Frost (D) 44%
VA-02 [Open-R]: Drake (R) 55% over Ashe (D) 45%
WA-08 [Open-R]: Reichert (R) 51% over Ross (D) 47%

Republican Pickups:
IN-09*: Sodrel (R) 49% over Hill (D) 49% (1,365 vote margin)
KY-04 [Open-D]: Davis (R) 54% over Clooney (D) 44%
TX-01: Gohmert (R) 61% over Sandlin (D) 38%
TX-02 [Open-D]: Poe (R) 55% over Lampson (D) 43%
TX-10 [Open-D]: McCaul (R) 84% over Fritsche (L) 16%
TX-11 [Open-D]: Conaway (R) 77% over Raasch (D) 22%
TX-24 [Open-D]: Marchant (R) 64% over Page (D) 34%

Democrat Holds:
CA-20 [Open-D]: Costa (D) 54% over Ashburn (R) 46%
IA-03: Boswell (D) 55% over Thompson (R) 45%
**MO-03 [Open-D]: Carnahan (D) 53% over Federer (R) 45%
MO-05 [Open-D]: Cleaver (D) 55% over Patterson (R) 42%
SD at large: Herseth (D) 53% over Diedrich (R) 46%
TX-17 [Open-D]*: Edwards (D) 51% over Wohlgemuth (R) 48%

Democrat Pickups:
CO-03 [Open-R]: Salazar (D) 51% over Walcher(R) 46%
GA-12*: Barrow (D) 52% over Burns (R) 48%
IL-08*: Bean (D) 52% over Crane (R) 48%

Unresolved (Likely Democrat Pickup):
NY-27 [Open-R]*: Higgins (D) 51% leads Naples (R) 49% (99% Rptg)

Run-off Elections (Dec. 4):
LA-03 [Open-R]: Tauzin III (R) favored over Melancon (D)
LA-07 [Open-D]: Mount (D) versus Boustany (R) - Tossup

*Prediction was incorrect.
**Closer than anticipated.

As predicted, the Colorado Electoral Votes will remain winner-take-all and the Defense of Marriage provision passed everywhere it was voted on. Also of note, Florida voters decided it would be a good idea to make it so that their minor daughters could not seek abortions without parental notification except in rare and extreme cases. Go figure!

Colorado - Electoral Vote Reallocation:
Yes 34%, No 66%

Florida - Parental Notification Amendment:
Yes 65%, No 35%

Same-Sex Marriage Bans:
AR: Yes 75%, No 25%
GA: Yes 76%, No 24%
KY: Yes 75%, No 25%
MI: Yes 59%, No 41%
MS: Yes 86%, No 14%
MT: Yes 67%, No 33%
ND: Yes 73%, No 27%
OH: Yes 62%, No 38%
OK: Yes 76%, No 24%
OR: Yes 57%, No 43%
UT: Yes 66%, No 34%

Finally, a gold-star and a tip-of-the-cap to President for the best estimate on the results of the Presidential race! If the current results hold up, they hit the Electoral College right on the nose, calling every state correctly! Bravo!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Pundits Weigh In

The following are some of the projections offered regarding the Presidential Election from many of the Internet's most popular resources:

Real Clear Politics:
National Polling Avg: Bush 48.9%, Kerry 47.4%, Nader 0.9%
Bush Job Approval at 49.5%
Electoral College: Bush 227, Kerry 203, Tossup 108

The Horserace Blog:
Results Based on Samples from Nine National Polling Firms:
Bush 49.02%, Kerry 46.69%, MOE +/-0.85%
Confidence of a Bush lead is 99.999%

Rasmussen Reports:
Bush 50.2%, Kerry 48.5%, Other 1.3%
Bush Job Approval at 52%
Electoral College: Bush 222, Kerry 186, Tossup 130

Campaigns and Elections Magazine Campaignline:
Kerry over Bush 50.1% chance
Electoral College: Kerry 242, Bush 227, Tossup 69

Daly Thoughts:
Bush 50.5%, Kerry 48.5%
Electoral College: Bush 280, Kerry 258

Coldhearted Truth:
Electoral College: Bush 296, Kerry 242

The Hedgehog Report:
Bush 50.0%, Kerry 48.9%, Nader 0.7%, Badnarik 0.4%
Electoral College: Bush 294, Kerry 244

Bush 49.4%, Kerry 48.7%
Electoral College: Bush 289, Kerry 249

Sabato's Crystal Ball:
Electoral College: Bush 269, Kerry 269

Electoral College: Bush 286, Kerry 252

Slate Magazine's Election Scorecard:
Electoral College: Bush 269, Kerry 269
Electoral College: Kerry 281, Bush 257

Electoral College: Bush 296, Kerry 242
Or is it? Kerry 311, Bush 227

*Note: First figure is official prediction per website methodology, second is Site Manager's own personal pick.

Federal Review Composite Poll:
Bush 50.5%, 48.5%
Electoral College: Bush 296, Kerry 242

An Appeal from America's Mayor

Last week, I signed up for the Republican Party's 72-hour GOTV effort. While I was disappointed that they did not conatct me to take me up on my offer to volunteer, I was not altogether surprised due to the fact that I reside in the State of Illinois, where the races for President and U.S. Senate are not expected to be close or to go in the direction I, or they, would like to see. My GOP Congresswoman is expected to easily win re-election.

I did receive the following letter, however, in my e-mail box today. It is something I would like to share with you here...

On September 11, our nation faced the worst attack in our history.

On that day, we had to confront reality. Our people were brave in their response.

At the time, we believed we would be attacked many more times that day and in the days that followed. Spontaneously, I grabbed the arm of then Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and said to Bernie, "Thank God George Bush is our President." I've been saying that every day since.

We needed George Bush then; we need him now; and we need him for four more years!

President Bush is making certain that we are combating terrorism at the source, beyond our shores, so we can reduce the risk of having to confront it in our streets at home.

John Kerry's record of inconsistent positions on combating terrorism gives us no confidence he'll pursue such a determined course.

Terrorism did not start on September 11, 2001. It had been festering for many years.

President Bush will not submit America to a "global test" from other countries that seek to dissuade us from what is necessary for our defense.

Under President Bush, America will lead rather than follow.

President Bush is the leader we need for the next four years because he sees beyond today and tomorrow. He has a vision of a peaceful Middle East and, therefore, a safer world.

And together we have a responsibility to do all we can to give President Bush four more years to continue winning the War on Terror and making the world safer.

Talk to your family, your friends, your coworkers and your neighbors. Make sure they understand the dramatic contrast between President Bush and Senator Kerry.

And make sure your fellow Americans understand the power of their vote on November 2nd--and proudly tell them that, like me, you'll be voting for George W. Bush for four more years!


Rudy Giuliani

Note: I have edited the above letter to correct two small syntax errors which in no way effected the context or meaning of the letter.

I have already voted today. As you may have been able to surmise, I cast my vote for President George W. Bush.

If you have not voted yet, please do so while you still can. Many brave men and women have died to give you that right. They no longer have a voice, so they are counting on you to see to it that our future is as great as our past. Do not let them down!

I spoke to one of the judges at the polling place here in my heavily Republican county. He reports that turnout has been higher than usual, which is a very good sign for our side.

I have done my part. All I can do now is sit back, relax, pray and hope as I wait for the returns to come in. Until then, God bless you all and God bless the United States of America, the brave members of our Armed Forces who have placed themselves in harm's way to protect our freedoms and President George W. Bush!


If you have already voted when you read this, thank you for helping to make Democracy work.

If you have not yet voted, and it is not too late to do so, please tear yourself away from the computer and do so as soon as possible. It does not take very long, but there is likely to be nothing you will do today nearly so important. It is more than just a right, it is a responsibility. The Blogosphere will be here when you get back.

Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election 2004 Predictions

President of the United States:
I am about to go out on a limb here, folks. Call me crazy, but I have a gut feeling this election is not as close as the mainstream media would have us all believe. Of all the predictions that follow, I am least confident about predicting New Jersey and Maine Congressional District 2 for President Bush. It is outside the mainstream thinking to say the least, but I expect plenty of surprises for the pundits and I'm going to go with my gut on this one! The rest, believe it or not, I am quite comfortable with, including the House and Senate calls. So here goes nothing...

Bush 53% Kerry 46% Nader + Others 1%
Electoral College: Bush wins 368 -170

(or 352-186 w/o NJ & ME CD #2)

Electoral College Breakdown:

Safe Bush States:

AL-9, AK-3, AZ-10, GA-15, ID-4, IN-11, KS-6, KY-8, LA-9, MS-6, MT-3, NE-5, NC-15, ND-3, OK-7, SC-8, SD-3, TN-11, TX-34, UT-5, VA-13, WY-3

Bush "Red-State" Battleground Victories:
AR-6, CO-9, FL-27, MO-11, NV-5, NH-4, OH-20, WV-5

Bush "Blue-State" Battleground Victories:
HI-4, IA-7, ME (CD #2)-1, MI-17, MN-10, NJ-15, NM-5, PA-21, WI-10

Safe Kerry States:
CA-55, CT-7, DE-3, IL-21, MD-10, MA-12, NY-31, RI-4, VT-3, DC-3

Kerry "Blue-State" Battleground Victories:
ME (at large)-2, ME (CD #1)-1, OR-7, WA-11

Kerry "Red-State" Battleground Victories:

Notes: Colorado Amendment 36, which proposes allocating the state's 9 Electoral Votes based upon the percentage of the statewide popular vote, rather than winner-take-all, is headed for a sound defeat based on most recent polling. Two states, Maine and Nebraska, presently allocate their Electoral Votes in the following manner: the winner of the popular vote in each Congressional District gets 1 Electoral Vote for that Congressional District and the winner of the statewide popular vote gets 2 additional Electoral Votes. They are the only states not to have a winner-take-all allocation of these votes.

U.S. Senate: GOP +5
56 Republicans, 43 Democrats, 1 Independent (leans Democrat)

The Republicans now have the advantage in all the close Senate races. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be in a close fight due to a nepotism backlash, but Bush should carry her home in heavily Republican Alaska, where polls close late and Democratic turnout could fall off if things go as I suspect they might earlier in the evening.

Late polls in Colorado had Republican Sen. Wayne Allard trailing going into the 2002 Election, but he won by 5% without any Presidential coat-tails at the top of the ticket! Pete Coors, likewise, finds himself close but trailing in the polls. Again, Bush brings a Republican Senatorial Candidate home in a "red" state, where polls tend to have deflated Republican numbers. (The question here for pollsters is: why?)

Florida polls show a tossup, but I think former HUD Sec. Mel Martinez wins with enough of a Hispanic voter edge plus the Bush factor.

Rep. David Vitter is close to the magic 50% mark in Louisiana needed to avoid a run-off. With plenty of undecided voters left, he only needs a small percentage to break for him to become the first Republican Senator from Louisiana since Reconstruction, and should pull it off!

Sen. Jim Bunning's behavior got a tad-bit bizarre for awhile and tightened up the race in "red" Kentucky, but he has never trailed, so he should survive pretty easily.

Rep. Tom Coburn in Oklahoma and Rep. Jim DeMint in South Carolina have bounced back nicely of late from early bouts of foot-in-mouth disease and should win these "red" states without much more trouble.

Rep. Richard Burr trailed early in North Carolina, but the state is too conservative to elect former Clinton aide "Irksome" Erskine Bowles anyway. He has closed the gap and pulled slightly ahead of late. Look for him to complete the comeback with an assist from Bush's comfortable North Carolina win.

Best of all, say bye-bye to America's least-favorite obstructionist, Soon-to-Be-Ex-Senator Tom Daschle! Former U.S. Rep. Jim Thune has all the momentum and from what I've been reading lately, this one is all but over! However, it should be noted that Sen. Daschle is unlikely to go quietly, and the state has seen some "peculiarities" in the past, particularly on Native-American Reservations. If this is close, it could get REAL ugly before it is all over.

Elsewhere, Georgia (Democrat to Republican) and Illinois (Republican to Democrat) were both destined to swap hands long ago. Republicans had hopes in Washington and Wisconsin that just never materialized, but both should be somewhat closer on Election Night than the last polls will show.

Senate Breakdown:

Safe Republican Seats:


Republican Holds:
AK: Murkowski (R) over Knowles (D)
CO [Open-R]: Coors (R) over Salazar (D)
KY: Bunning (R) over Mongiardo (D)
OK [Open-R]: Coburn (R) over Carson (D)

Republican Pick-Ups:
FL [Open-D]: Martinez (R) over Castor (D)
GA [Open-D]: Isakson (R) over Majette (D)
LA [Open-D]: Vitter (R) over John (D), Kennedy (D) [No run-off]
NC [Open-D]: Burr (R) over Bowles (D)
SC [Open-D]: DeMint (R) over Tenenbaum (D)
SD: Thune (R) over Daschle (D)

Safe Democrat Seats:

Democrat Holds:
WA: Murray (D) over Nethercutt (R)
WI: Feingold (D) over Michels (R)

Democrat Pick-Ups:
IL [Open-R]: Obama (D) over Keyes (R)

U.S. House of Representatives: GOP +6
234 Republicans, 198 Democrats, 1 Independent (leans Dem)

(2 open Louisiana seats, 1 currently Republican and 1 currently Democrat, to be decided later by run-offs*)

Races of Note:
The first set are the barn-burners that may go either way. I took my best shot, but, obviously, it much harder to call U.S. House races because there are so many of them and so little information to be culled about which candidate has the edge. As always, incumbents are considered to have a built-in advantage, open seats are a crap-shoot. No promises here.

Ones to Watch:
CA-20 [Open-D]: Costa (D) over Ashburn (R)
CO-03 [Open-R]: Salazar (D) over Walcher (R)
CT-02 [R]: Simmons (R) over Sullivan (D)
CT-04 [R]: Shays (R) over Farrell (D)
GA-12 [R]: Burns (R) over Barrow (D)
IL-08 [R]: Crane (R) over Bean (D)
IN-09 [D]: Hill (D) over Sordel (R)
IA-03 [D]: Boswell (D) over Thompson (R)
KY-04 [Open-D]: Davis (R) over Clooney (D)
MO-05 [Open-D]: Cleaver (D) over Patterson (R)
NE-01 [Open-R]: Fortenberry (R) over Connealy (D)
NY-27 [Open-R]: Naples (R) over Higgins (D)
NC-11 [R]: Taylor (R) over Keever (D)
SD at large [D]: Herseth (D) over Diedrich (R)
TX-17 [Open-D**]: Wohlgemuth (R) over Edwards (D)
VA-02 [Open-R]: Drake (R) over Ashe (D)
WA-08 [Open-R]: Reichert (R) over Ross (D)

My predictions here are for Republicans to take 2 open Democratic seats, Democrats to take 1 open Republican seat. All incumbents survive, barely. Net from this section is GOP +1.

The rest are here because they are open or were considered competitive at one time. There may be a surprise or two, but most will go as called. Seats not listed here are too numerous to mention and are all considered safe for the incumbent, more-or-less. The controversial Texas House redistricting, which had the Texas Democratic State Legislators fleeing beyond Lone Star borders, on more than one occasion, to avoid the quorum necessary to bring it to a vote last year (before finally caving in), should net the Republicans at least 5 more House seats. It should also end the careers of a few Democratic incumbents, including, most notably, long-time Reps. Martin Frost & Charles Stenholm!

Republican Holds:
AZ-01: Renzi (R) over Babbitt (D)
CO-07: Beauprez (R) over Thomas (D)
FL-13: Harris (R) over Schneider (D)
GA-11: Gingrey (R) over Crawford (D)
IN-08: Hostettler (R) over Jennings (D)
IA-02: Leach (R) over Franker (D)
KS-02: Ryun (R) over Boyda (D)
KY-03: Northrup (R) over Miller (D)
MN-06: Kennedy (R) over Wetterling (D)
NV-03: Porter (R) over Gallagher (D)
NJ-07: Ferguson (R) over Brozak (D)
NM-01: Wilson (R) over Romero (D)
NC-08: Hayes (R) over Troutman (D)
PA-06: Gerlach (R) over Murphy (D)
TX-19**: Neugebauer (R) over Stenholm (D)
TX-32**: Sessions (R) over Frost (D)

Republican Open Seat Holds:
CA-03: Lungren (R) over Castillo (D)
GA-06: Price (R) unopposed
GA-08: Westmoreland (R) over Delamar (D)
LA-01: Jindal (R) over field [No run-off necessary]
MI-07: Schwarz (R) over Renier (D)
NY-29: Kuhl (R) over Berend (D)
NC-05: Foxx (R) over Harrell (D)
NC-10: McHenry (R) over Fischer (D)
PA-08: Fitzpatrick (R) over Schrader (D)
PA-15: Dent (R) over Driscoll (D)
SC-04: Inglis (R) over Brown (D)
WA-05: McMorris (R) over Barbieri (D)

Republican Pick-Ups:
TX-01**: Gohmert (R) over Sandlin (D)
TX-02 [Open-D**]: Poe (R) over Lampson (D)
TX-10 [Open-D**]: McCaul (R) over Sadun (D)
TX-11 [Open-D**]: Conaway (R) over Raasch (D)
TX-24 [Open-D**]: Marchant (R) over Page (D)

Democrat Holds:
FL-02: Boyd (D) over Kilmer (R)
GA-03: Marshall (D) over Clay (R)
KS-03: Moore (D) over Kobach (R)
ME-02: Michaud (D) over Hamel (R)
NV-01: Berkley (D) over Mickelson (R)
NC-01: Butterfield (D) over Dority (R)
ND at large: Pomeroy (D) over Sand (R)
OR-01: Wu (D) over Ameri (R)
OR-05: Hooley (D) over Zupancic (R)
TN-04: Davis (D) over Bowling (R)
UT-02: Matheson (D) over Swallow (R)

Democrat Open Seat Holds:
FL-20: Schultz (D) over Hostetter (R)
GA-04: McKinney (D) over Davis (R)
IL-03: Lipinski (D) over Chlada (R)
MO-03: Carnahan (D) over Federer (R)
OK-02: Boren (D) over Smalley (D)
PA-13: Schwartz (D) over Brown (R)
TX-09**: Green (D) over Molina (R)
TX-28**: Cuellar (D) over Hopson (R)
WI-04: Moore (D) over Boyle (R)

Democrat Pick-Ups:
No clear pick-ups. See "Ones to Watch" above.

*The two open seats likely headed for run-offs between the top two vote-getters, December 4, (due to election rules unique to the State of Louisiana) are LA-03 [R] and LA-07 [D]. No candidate in either of these races will likely receive the required 50% + 1 of the popular vote. Louisiana has no primaries, opting instead to conduct "open" elections. As a result, you will often find multiple Republicans, Democrats and assorted third party candidates and Independents all vying for a single open Congressional or Senate seat in the General Election. When no one can achieve a clear majority, a run-off of the top two candidates is held to determine the final winner.

**Due to U.S. House redistricting in Texas, which takes effect when the 109th Congress is sworn-in in January 2005 (until then, previous districting applies), some incumbents may have been moved into a different District by new boundary lines. A seat is defined as open if current incumbent for a given numbered Congressional District is not in the race for that District's newly defined seat. Some candidates for these open seats are incumbents in entirely different existing Districts. Other Districts pit two incumbent Congressmen against each other. I know it is confusing, but that's the way it is.

I also predict that the so-called Defense of Marriage Amendment, which would define marriage as being between one man and one woman in those states in which it is passed (pending, of course, the inevitable endless court challenges), will pass in all the states where it now appears on the ballot. The only state where it may even possibly be close is Oregon. This issue helps President Bush in all those states by turning out deeply religious voters and traditional values advocates, who feel very strongly about this issue. They are also most likely to support the President and other Republican candidates due to their mostly conservative natures.

The 11 states where some form of this Amendment appears on the ballot in this election are: AR, GA, KY, MI, MS, MT, ND, OH, OK, OR, and UT.

Similar measures have already been passed in some form in AK, HI, LA, MO, NE and NV.

More information on this issue is available here.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Not Even Close!

Okay, let me get this straight: According to what I have heard and read from what I consider to be reliable sources over the last few weeks, since the 2000 Election, with the attacks of 9/11/01 happening in the interim, President Bush has increased his support among:

African-American voters.
Hispanic voters.
Jewish voters.
Catholic voters.
Evangelical Christians.
White males.
Senior citizens.
Young voters.
Military veterans.
Union members.
Former Gore voters.
Lifelong Democrats.

And this race is as tight as 2000??? Sorry, but that just doesn’t pass the smell test, folks!

A lot of these polling firms just don’t get it! America is not the same place it was on September 10, 2001, never mind November of 2000! It seems a lot of them are using assumptions that the Democrats are still the predominant political party in this country, by several percentage points. To continue to weight polls based on that assumption is pure folly! And then, there's the ground game: Republicans have taken massive steps to improve their GOTV efforts after learning a painful lesson in 2000. Sorry folks, your outdated turnout models are just flat out unreliable!

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of very perplexed pollsters, pundits and media types when the returns start to come in on Tuesday, November 2! I can’t wait to see the Mainstream Media meltdown that night, followed by the inevitable Hollywood Liberal and Left-wing "Moon-bat" hysteria the next day as they try to come to grips with what just happened! They don’t even see it coming!!! Well, consider yourself forewarned.

Another key feature that is being discounted in these polls is the backlash factor. Republicans are going to turn out in droves, I guarantee it! The Florida fiasco of 2000, when Former Vice-President Al Gore refused to graciously concede, putting his and his party’s own selfish ambitions ahead of the best interests of the country, ripping this country apart by sending an election into the court system and trying to cherry-pick recounts strictly in precincts where Democrats held a clear partisan advantage was WAY over the line! "Pregnant" chads, interpreting the "intent" of the voter, constantly changing the rules of what does and does not constitute a valid vote whenever it becomes clear that the standard you were using is not producing enough "votes" to make up the needed ground, getting the Florida courts to repeatedly and arbitrarily extend deadlines written into state election law by the duly-elected legislators, thereby altering the rules in the middle of the "game"...and after weeks of these shenanigans, after the U.S. Supreme Court finally puts a stop to this attempt to manufacture a Gore victory, they have the unbridled audacity..the unmitigated GALL to accuse the President of trying to steal the election??? And now, they brag of having a "team" of 10,000 lawyers standing by to do it all AGAIN??? Enough!!!

Now: Add on to that the disenfranchising of our brave men and women overseas in the military while repeatedly making wild, unsubstantiated claims of Republicans disenfranchising, get this, over 1 million African-American voters in Florida alone, and four years of “selected not elected” crybaby pouting and seething rage from the party and their faithful.

Add on an ever-more-apparent bias on the part of the mainstream media, which has been on nothing short of a witch-hunt trying to destroy the President with anything they can muster, including blatantly false stories and forged documents.

Add on a growing resentment over the Democrats spending the last two years trying to make partisan hay over a WAR, again putting the ambitions of the party ahead of the good of the country and lending hope to the Terrorists and Islamo-Fascists, that if they can just hold out long enough, George W. Bush will be toppled and our campaign against them will grind to a halt! All of this after we were ATTACKED on our own soil!

Now, for good measure, tack on the vicious, unrelenting attacks, day after day after day after day, calling the President a liar, a murderer, a usurper, a deserter, a traitor, a Fascist, a Nazi, a terrorist, a coke-head, etc., etc., etc. that betray the underlying seething hatred and vitriol of a desperate and dying political movement.

Top it all off with reports of rampant attempts at voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, vandalism to Bush supporters’ campaign signs, homes, cars and offices and a promise to deploy that "team" of lawyers and set up a de-facto shadow government if they don’t win and guess what you have?

Republicans like me, and likewise, I would guess, an awful lot of non-Republicans, who just can’t wait to get to a polling place and shove our collective “screw you, losers” in their faces by way of the ballot box!

I don’t know about the Democrats, but I’m sure as Hell fired up! Welcome to reality, my Democrat friends. Time to reap what you have sown! Hope you bought yourselves a good supply of Kleenex and Tylenol for Tuesday night and Wednesday. You are going to need it! Trust me!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory

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Current Contest(s):

ENDING SOON! - 2nd Special Exhibition Contest Hosted by GOP & College:
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#E1 - The Big Pigture Edition


The Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory: First Quarter of Season Two
(Thru Contest #13)

[Next update will follow Contest #26. Scroll down for Final Results from Season One.]

How the points are being awarded this season:

1st Place = 10 pts
2nd Place = 8 pts
3rd Place = 7 pts
4th Place = 6 pts
5th Place = 5 pts
6th thru 10th Place = 3 pts
11th thru 20th Place (when awarded) = 2 pts
Honorable Mention = 1 pt


I decided that since so many of you are spending so much time being so clever and creative and going beyond mere captions, that this year I am going to reward your creativity in a more fitting manner. A photoshop or other especially clever creative work (such as a song or poem) that is given bonus status, is now worth 3, 5 or 10 points at the judge's discretion. 3 points will be awarded for something mildly amusing or for a reworking of a joke that has already been done with a slightly new twist. 5 points is still the standard for a job well done on something that just plain made me laugh. 10 points is given out only for going over the top with something especially creative or hysterically funny that would merit being awarded the equivalent of a winning caption points-wise.

Participation Points:

I also award participation points. Every player, regardless of whether they make the winners' list or not, is given 1 credit for every contest they participate in. It doesn't matter whether they submit 1 caption or 100, each week they play is worth 1 credit. When they accrue 4 credits, they are awarded 1 point. In other words, they get 1 point for every 4 contests they play in, regardless of any other points they may or may not receive. To summarize: Participation in 4 contests = 1 point.

Bonuses Awarded:

Everyone listed below, please take a much deserved bow for your efforts!

Week 7 - Song, 3 pts

Week 7 - Photoshop, 10 pts

Cowboy Blob:
Week 11 - Photoshop, 10 pts

Damian G:
Week 3 - Song, 10 pts
Week 11 - Song, 10 pts

hatless in hattiesburg:
Week 2 - Photoshop, 5 pts
Week 9 - Photoshop, 5 pts

Magical Pat:
Week 6 - Song, 5 pts

Week 11 - Photoshop and related parody, 10 pts

Week 5 - Song, 3 pts
Week 7 - Poem, 10 pts

Participation Points Awarded:

Here is a list of everyone who has earned participation points and the number of contests they have participated in. A special thank you and congratulations to all 8 of those who have managed to achieve a perfect attendance record by participating in all 13 contests thus far!:

3 pts (10):

13 - Beerme
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13 - Doc
13 - John Ruberry
13 - Pam
13 - Rodney Dill
13 - walrus

12 - Steve O
12 - V the K

2 pts (11):

11 - GOP and College
11 - hatless in hattiesburg
11 - LongTabSigO
11 - the man
11 - Stew

10 - radio free fred

9 - Maggie
9 - sgt fluffy
9 - Zsa Zsa

8 - Anna
8 - Greg Finnegan

1 pt (18):

7 - charles austin
7 - Cowboy Blob
7 - Greg
7 - jimmy b

6 - Carl
6 - The Random Yak
6 - spacemonkey
6 - Special Ed
6 - Windhamite

5 - D Carter
5 - Hoodlumman

4 - Adjustah
4 - DaveD
4 - Dave E
4 - I R A Darth Aggie
4 - McGehee
4 - ScottG
4 - W.C. Varones


If anyone is curious as to whom we have managed to fold, spindle, mangle and/or mutilate thus far, here is a list of the poor, hapless victims of your rapier wit through the 13th contest of Season Two, with our most frequent prey listed first (number of appearances in parentheses). Anonymous by-standers are not included. Keep in mind that more than one celebrity may appear in the same picture, and that the President of the United States is easily the most photographed individual in the world on a week to week basis, making him the most likely to appear in a picture that screams out to be captioned at any given time!:

George W. Bush (7)

Hillary Clinton (4)

Howard Dean (3)
Ted Kennedy (3)
Harry Reid (3)
Chuck Schumer (3)
Cindy Sheehan (3)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2)
Hugo Chavez (2)
Bill Clinton (2)
Al Gore (2)
John Kerry (2)
Ray Nagin (2)
Nancy Pelosi (2)
John Roberts (2)
Donald Rumsfeld (2)
Al Sharpton (2)

Kofi Annan
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John Bolton
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Fidel Castro
Dick Cheney
Jacques Chirac
James Clyburn
Russ Feingold
Dianne Feinstein
Al Franken
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Danny Glover
Saddam Hussein
Jesse Jackson
William Jefferson
Kim Jong-Il
Junichiro Koizumi
Osama bin Laden
Ned Lamont
Pat Leahy
Joe Lieberman
John McCain
Cynthia McKinney
John Murtha
Barack Obama
Lisa Marie Presley
Priscilla Presley
Condoleezza Rice
Karl Rove
Tony Snow
John Paul Stevens
Clarence Thomas
Abu Musab al Zarqawi
Ayman al Zawahiri

Other subjects...

Modern Art
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World Can't Wait

Is there anyone in particular that we've missed that you would like me to keep an eye out for? Let me know. I can't promise anything, only that if I spot a good picture of some poor soul we've overlooked until now who is need of a good drubbing, I'll snag it (unless, of course, one of the many other caption contests out there beats me to it)!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you:
The Official Right Place Season Two, First Quarter CapHOG Honor Roll...

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Top Finish; Times at Top Finish; Second Highest Finish; Times at Second Highest Finish; Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times at Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times Charted; Times Participated; Week of Most Recent Participation.


  • 1) walrus (194 pts) 3x WINNER: Weeks 3, 6, 10*
    [82 Times Charted, 11 Top Fives, 11 Other Top Tens, 2 Bonuses]

  • 2) V the K (139 pts) WINNER: Week 8
    [48 Times Charted, 12 Top Fives, 9 Other Top Tens]

  • 3) Beerme (84 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 5, 11
    [21 Times Charted, 7 Top Fives, 4 Other Top Tens, 1 Bonus]


  • 4) Damian G. (64 pts)
    [16 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 1 Other Top Ten, 2 Bonuses]

  • 5) Rodney Dill (58 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 2, 10*
    [21 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 6) hatless in hattiesburg (40 pts) WINNER: Week 13
    [13 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 4 Other Top Tens, 2 Bonuses]

  • 7) Pam (37 pts) WINNER: Week 12
    [19 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 3 Other Top Tens]

  • 8) Doc (36 pts)
    [17 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 9) Steve O (33 pts)
    [15 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 10) the man (30 pts)
    [14 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]


  • 11 tie) Cowboy Blob (23 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Bonus]

  • 11 tie) The Random Yak (23 pts)
    [9 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 13 tie) Carl (22 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives]

  • 13 tie) Stew (22 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Bonus]

  • 15) Maggie (19 pts) WINNER: Week 4
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 16 tie) Anna (18 pts) WINNER: Week 1
    [3 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 16 tie) GOP and College (18 pts)
    [10 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 18 tie) charles austin (15 pts)
    [7 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 18 tie) radio free fred (15 pts)
    [5 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) I R A Darth Aggie (14 pts) WINNER: Week 9
    [4 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 20 tie) burke (14 pts)
    [5 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) Greg (14 pts)
    [11 Times Charted, 1 Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) jimmyb (14 pts)
    [9 Times Charted, 2 Top Tens]

  • 24 tie) D. Carter (13 pts)
    [7 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 24 tie) LongTabSigO (13 pts)
    [8 Times Charted, 1 Top Ten]

  • THE CONTENDERS (Minimum of 10 points each)

  • 26 tie) Trias (12 pts) WINNER: Week 7

  • 26 tie) Adjustah (12 pts)

  • 26 tie) sgtfluffy (12 pts)

  • 29) John Ruberry (11 pts)

  • 30 tie) Special Ed (10 pts)

  • 30 tie) benning (10 pts)

  • 30 tie) Chris (10 pts)


    9 Points

    Dave E.
    W.C. Varones
    Greg Finnegan

    7 Points


    6 Points

    Magical Pat

    5 Points

    Greg Toombs

    4 Points

    Zsa Zsa

    3 Points

    N.B. Goldstein
    Dr. Phat Tony

    2 Points

    Buckley F. Williams
    Alan Kellogg

    1 Point

    Colonel Steve
    Omnibus Driver
    Stephen Macklin
    Julie L.

    Congratulations to one and all, and thank you so much for playing!

    Year Two CAP-HOG Posts...

    First Quarter Round-Up


    The First Annual Captions Hall of Glory Championship Edition!

    How the points were awarded:

    1st Place = 10 pts
    2nd Place = 7 pts
    3rd Place = 5 pts
    4th or 5th Place = 3 pts
    6th Place thru 10th Place = 2 pts
    11th Place or Lower, Honorable Mention, or Bonus Caption = 1 pt
    Photoshop or Other Creative Work Linked to = 1 pt
    Photoshop or Other Especially Clever Creative Work Displayed = 5 pts

    I also awarded participation points. Every player, regardless of whether they made the winners' list or not, was given 1 credit for every contest they participated in. It didn't matter whether they submitted 1 caption or 100, each week they played was worth 1 credit. When they accrued 4 credits, they were awarded 1 point. In other words, they got 1 point for every 4 contests they played in, regardless of any other points they may or may not have received...

    Participation in 4 contests = 1 pt

    Here is a list of everyone who earned participation points and the number of contests they participated in:

    12 pts (1):

    50 - Rodney Dill

    10 pts (2):

    41 - D. Carter
    40 - spacemonkey

    9 pts (2):

    37 - Maggie
    36 - Doc

    8 pts (3):

    33 - Hoodlumman
    33 - the man
    33 - V the K

    7 pts (6):

    31 - Stew
    30 - Steve O
    29 - Damian G.
    29 - Zsa Zsa
    28 - Special Ed
    28 - walrus

    6 pts (4):

    27 - Anna
    26 - John Ruberry
    24 - McGehee
    24 - Pam

    5 pts (5):

    23 - T.M.
    22 - Buckley F. Williams
    22 - SJJ
    20 - Will Franklin
    20 - Windhamite

    4 pts (11):

    19 - DaveD
    19 - jimmy b
    18 - Carl
    18 - don
    18 - Dr. Phat Tony
    17 - charles austin
    17 - Sgt. Fluffy
    16 - Chris
    16 - GOP and College
    16 - LongTabSigO

    3 pts (8):

    15 - I. Ronnie
    14 - Greg Finnegan
    14 - MFG
    14 - radio free fred
    13 - Bill W.
    13 - Laurence Simon
    12 - Bob
    12 - hatless in hattiesburg

    2 pts (8):

    11 - Good Lt.
    11 - Peter Halabu
    10 - DeanS
    10 - ILikeIke
    8 - bullwinkle
    8 - McCain
    8 - Randy
    8 - Rob B.

    1 pt (23):

    7 - Jeanette
    7 - Son of the Godfather
    7 - Songbird
    7 - TC@LeatherPenguin
    6 - Chris Short
    6 - Dave Craddock
    6 - Dave E
    6 - FrauBudgie
    6 - Pluto's Dad
    6 - Scot
    5 - bohemianlikeyou
    5 - joe-6-pack
    5 - Mr. Snitch!
    5 - ScottG
    4 - Brainster
    4 - COGirl
    4 - David McKay
    4 - Greg (1)
    4 - Magical Pat
    4 - MorningSun
    4 - opine6
    4 - RFA
    4 - serfer

    A total of 73 different players participated in at least 4 contests! Thank you one and all.

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you:
    The Official Right Place Year One CapHOG Honor Roll...

    NOTE: Ties were allowed to stand this time, but to determine the order in which the players were listed, tie-breaks were applied as follows (in order):

    Top Finish; Times at Top Finish; Second Highest Finish; Times at Second Highest Finish; Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times at Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times Charted; Times Participated; Week of Most Recent Participation.



  • 1) D. Carter (279 pts) 5x WINNER: Weeks 19, 31, 33, 36, 51
    [92 Times Charted, 31 Top Fives, 51 Top Tens]


  • 2) Rodney Dill (253 pts) 7x WINNER: Weeks 12, 14, 22, 32, 43, 45, 52
    [87 Times Charted, 25 Top Fives, 42 Top Tens, 1 Photoshop, 3 Creativity Bonuses]


  • 3) V the K (206 pts) 6x WINNER: Weeks 16, 17, 23, 30, 38, 39
    [74 Times Charted, 21 Top Fives, 45 Top Tens]

  • THE ELITE (The rest of the top 25)

  • 4) walrus (194 pts) 4x WINNER: Weeks 40, 41, 49, 50
    [93 Times Charted, 18 Top Fives, 28 Top Tens, 1 Creativity Bonus]

  • 5) Steve O (113 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 34, 47
    [44 Times Charted, 11 Top Fives, 23 Top Tens]

  • 6) spacemonkey (100 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 2, 42
    [35 Times Charted, 10 Top Fives, 21 Top Tens]

  • 7) Doc (74 pts) WINNER: Week 35
    [27 Times Charted, 8 Top Fives, 11 Top Tens]

  • 8) Hoodlumman (71 pts) WINNER: Week 3
    [25 Times Charted, 7 Top Fives, 18 Top Tens]

  • 9) Chris (67 pts)
    [17 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 10 Photoshops]

  • 10) Buckley F. Williams (57 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 5, 26
    [16 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 10 Top Tens]

  • 10) T.M. [aka Giacomo] (57 pts) WINNER: Week 29
    [19 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives, 12 Top Tens]

  • 10) the man (57 pts)
    [24 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives, 11 Top Tens]

  • 13) Son of the Godfather (54 pts)
    [23 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives, 14 Top Tens]

  • 14) don (51 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 6, 37
    [14 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives, 9 Top Tens]

  • 14) Damian G. (51 pts) WINNER: Week 20
    [19 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 8 Top Tens, 1 Creativity Bonus]

  • 16) Special Ed (47 pts)
    [16 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives, 8 Top Tens]

  • 17) Maggie (43 pts) WINNER: Week 8
    [14 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives, 8 Top Tens]

  • 17) I. Ronnie (43 pts)
    [12 Times Charted, 5 Top Fives, 9 Top Tens, 2 Photoshops]

  • 19) McGehee (41 pts)
    [20 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 9 Top Tens]

  • 20) charles austin (39 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 4, 25
    [8 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 5 Top Tens]

  • 21) Pam (38 pts)
    [23 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 8 Top Tens]

  • 22) Windhamite (36 pts)
    [9 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 6 Top Tens, 1 Photoshop]

  • 23) John Ruberry [aka Marathon Pundit] (34 pts) WINNER: Week 27
    [11 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives, 7 Top Tens]

  • 24) Laurence Simon (29 pts)
    [7 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 7 Top Tens]

  • 25) Dr. Phat Tony (26 pts) WINNER: Week 21
    [7 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 6 Top Tens]

  • 25) THIRDWAVEDAVE (26 pts) WINNER: Week 15
    [7 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 6 Top Tens]

  • 25) hatless in hattiesburg (26 pts)
    [11 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 6 Top Tens]

  • 25) Will Franklin (26 pts)
    [12 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 6 Top Tens]

  • [Those of you listed above, don't forget to scroll down and pick up the code for your HOG Top 25 badge, which you may now wear proudly on your blog forever more! Those of you below, you may also pick up a generic Caption HOG badge for your own blog! Details are at the bottom of this post.]

    THE CONTENDERS (Minimum of 10 points each)

  • 29) radio free fred (25 pts)

  • 30) SJJ (24 pts) WINNER: Week 1

  • 30) Carl (24 pts)

  • 32) Rob B. (22 pts) WINNER: Week 10

  • 32) Zsa Zsa (22 pts) WINNER: Week 48

  • 32) wg (22 pts)

  • 35) Stew (20 pts)

  • 36) Bill W. (19 pts) WINNER: Week 9

  • 37) bullwinkle (18 pts)

  • 37) Songbird (18 pts)

  • 37) Anna (18 pts)

  • 40) Edward (17 pts) WINNER: Week 7

  • 41) ILikeIke (16 pts) WINNER: Week 18

  • 41) LongTabSigO (16 pts)

  • 43) DaveD (15 pts)

  • 44) Brainster (14 pts) WINNER: Week 13

  • 44) RFA [aka eeoowww] (14 pts) WINNER: Week 24

  • 44) Sgt Fluffy (14 pts)

  • 47) jimmyb (13 pts)

  • 47) Peter Halabu (13 pts)

  • 47) GOP and College (13 pts)

  • 47) MFG (13 pts)

  • 51) Darrell (12 pts) WINNER: Week 44

  • 51) Mike (12 pts) WINNER: Week 11

  • 53) JannyMae (11 pts) WINNER: Week 28

  • 54) Jamie Dawn (10 pts) WINNER: Week 46

  • 54) Greg Finnegan (10 pts)


    9 Points

    Gerry Owen

    8 Points

    Dave Craddock

    7 Points

    Sean P
    Mr. Snitch!

    6 Points

    Estel [aka anybodyinpoulsbo]

    5 Points

    Lorie Byrd
    Axel Kassel

    4 Points

    Dave E
    Good Lt.

    3 Points

    bill c
    Greg Toombs
    Scot [aka liberaltreehugger]

    2 Points

    Stephen Johnson
    Dane Bramage
    Walter Clark
    Ferdinand T. Cat
    John the Trog
    Tony M
    Emile Zola
    David McKay

    1 Point

    Republican Vet
    W.C. Varones
    Chris Short
    Pluto's Dad
    Greg (1)

    Congratulations to one and all, and thank you so much for playing!

    All Season One Winning Caption Contest Entries...

    #1 - Oh, Thank Heaven for 7/11 Edition
    #2 - Fickle Finger of Fate Edition
    #3 - Things Are Looking Up Edition
    #4 - Rage in the Cage Edition
    #5 - Not So Mellow Fellow in Yellow Edition
    #6 - The Beards and the Beads Edition
    #7 - Weapons of Mash Destruction Edition
    #8 - You're Al I Ever Wanted Edition
    #9 - His Cup Runneth Over Edition
    #10 - The Eyes Have It Edition
    #11 - Jeepers Veepers Edition
    #12 - Huggermugger Edition
    #13 - Ear's to You Edition
    #14 - Heavy Medal Edition
    #15 - Village of the Damned Edition
    #16 - White on Rice Edition
    #17 - Sunny Side Up Edition
    #18 - Absentee Mallet Edition
    #19 - French Tickler Edition
    #20 - In Through the Out Door Edition
    #21 - Frankenstein Meets Godzilla Edition
    #22 - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel Edition
    #23 - Spirits of Christmas Present Edition
    #24 - Dorito Bandito Edition
    #25 - Shadow of His Former Self Edition
    #26 - When the Saints Go Mouthing Off Edition
    #27 - The Face That Sunk 1000 Ships Edition
    #28 - Surely You Jest Edition
    #29 - And the Camel They Rode in on Edition
    #30 - Chucky Squeeze Edition
    #31 - On Dangerous Ground Edition
    #32 - Here's Cooking at You Edition
    #33 - Catch a Falling Star Edition
    #34 - Iran So Far Away Edition
    #35 - Weapons of MASS. Obstruction Edition
    #36 - Censure and Sensibility Edition
    #37 - Big Easy Rider Edition
    #38 - Acid Reflex Edition
    #39 - Pride in Prejudice Edition
    #40 - A Bush in the Hand Edition
    #41 - Wouldn't You Give a Hand to a Friend Edition
    #42 - The Forecast Calls for Snow Edition
    #43 - I Shot the Sharif Edition
    #44 - Giving Him the Boot Edition
    #45 - Frozen Assets Edition
    #46 - In Over Her Head Edition
    #47 - Globe Al Warming Edition
    #48 - A Thousand Points of Light Edition
    #49 - All Your Fitzmas Are Belong to Us Edition
    #50 - Russian Hands and Roman Fingers Edition
    #51 - Junichiro Has Left the Building Edition
    #52 - Out to Launch Edition

    Year One CAP-HOG Posts...

    Thru Contest #15
    Thru Contest #20
    Thru Contest #30
    Thru Contest #40
    Year One Championship Edition!


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    HOG Top 25

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    Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory Top 25


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    Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory

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