Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Retirement Mathematics

Divided we fail. It's a novel concept; If Democrats and Republicans united to create good legislation that would benefit everyone in society, then government would be a success.

Then you start to scratch the surface only a little bit, and you find a VERY important bit of information. The "Independent" organization backing DWF is none other than AARP.

This is the same AARP that is hell-bent on keeping the government in charge of retirement finances, as opposed to giving the responsibility to the worker.

Let's put this into perspective. The maximum benefit you can withdraw from Social Security is currently $26,220 per year (Max income to add money to SS of $102,000 per year based on 2008 FICA limit). Assuming you use your Social Security benefits for 15 years (starting at 65 and ending at death at 80) you have used a total of $393,300. If you simply put money in a savings account (making no interest) from when you were 30 years old until you retired at 65, you would need to save $936.42 per month....out of the $8,500 per month that you were making. That is 11% of your gross income. Currently Social Security takes 12.4% of income, which is $1,054 per month (a loss of 117.58 per month)


You're paying in 12.4%...and only getting out 11%??!! THAT'S NEGATIVE INTEREST!!!!

Now, let's run the numbers on a "privatized" Social Security fund, and see how much you make at varying interest rates, from 0%, to the market average 12% when we add that $936.42 per month to a mutual fund/IRA, here is how much you retire with;

0% - $393,300
1% - $471,067
2% - $569,868
3% - $696,151
4% - $858,488
5% - $1,068,292
6% - $1,340,798
7% - $1,696,381
8% - $2,162,357
9% - $2,775,406
10% - $3,584,875
11% - $4,657,259
12% - $6,082,300

So, is Social Security really worth saving for future generations? The longer you wait, the more it costs you.

Even investing just $100 per month at 12% for 35 years nets you $649,527. That's 65% more than Social Security.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Friday, June 06, 2008

A Few Words of Advice from El Ché

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Ola, my fellow Obamites, it is none other than I, the great hero of the oppressed, El Ché, blogging to you undead and in person from the bowels of the underworld!

I will be taking a few minutes out of my busy schedule every now and then (between my frequent colonics with swarms of angry wasps and chiggers) to offer some unsolicited advice to my good friend and fellow Revolutionary, Barack Obama. See, I know a little something about Marxist revolutions myself, and take it from El Ché, they are no picnic!

First of all, you will need to control the media in order to control what the mindless masses are permitted to see and hear, a task which I see you have well in hand. What I am at a loss to figure out is, how did you accomplish this with such great ease? Are the American media that weak-minded and pathetic an adversary? It boggles the mind...

Anyway, as much as you have already accomplished sending thrills up the legs of sissy men, you must subdue that element of the media that will not voluntarily submit to your mighty will. I think you know of whom I speak. Talk radio will be easy prey once the Socialist Democrat controlled Politburo Congress is seated along with you as their Premier President in January, as the groundwork is already being laid to silence it with the brilliantly (if ironically) named "Fairness Doctrine" --- I tell you it is such a thing of beauty!

Silencing all opposing points of view under the guise of "fairness" is pure genius, even Josef Stalin is envious of that idea! He was fawning over it just last month as we both endured several hundred hours of having our eyeballs shaved and then slowly baked from the inside with acid. Why, I even have it on good authority that Satan himself was gushing over the whole concept as he personally sodomized Chairman Mao with his razor sharp barbed phallis not long ago, so kudos on that idea!

Fox News will be trickier to bring down, but I have much faith in you, muchacho! I suggest you speak at great length with our good mutual friend Hugo Chavez on this matter. He dealt with a similar situation rather brilliantly not long ago. I am certain that if you heed his advice, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity will be dwelling in cardboard boxes under the el tracks with the rest of the American peasantry before you know it!

Then, there are those pesky bloggers. I am certain that with some creative regulation, the victorious American Socialist Party... uh, I mean the "Democrats" (wink, wink) can find a way to silence the dissenters while still managing to leave the useful sheep who sing your praises on the World Wide Web unaffected. For help on this matter, I suggest you look next door to Canada, where their Human Rights Commission (wink, wink) has been making great strides in similar endeavors!

Oh, before I run, I must say, this lovely lady who campaigns for you down in Tejas is muy caliente!

I must hand it to you, my brother, you have some major cajones to be flaunting your relationships with so many far-left radicals so openly, but you have so much gravitas and such a fawning press, no one seems to notice or care!!!

Sorry, but I must be off for now. I do not want to be late for my disemboweling with the white hot poker again. Last time I was late, I had to endure 1,000 extra sessions and let me tell those of you lucky enough to never have experienced such a thing, you do not wish to be given even one extra session!

Adios for now, amigos! Viva la Revolution!

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You can write to Ché at DeadCommie/nospam/ at g/nospam/mail dot /nospam/com

However, if I have to explain to you how to make a valid email address out of that, he doesn't want to hear from you!

Also, if he responds at all, it will be on the pages of his blog, where he is liable to make an ass out of you, so be warned. Now bugger off, he's busy!