Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Right Place Exclusive: Shocking "Foot"age of Bush Shoe Attack!

Soon to rival the Zapruder Film in the annals of American history, The Right Place presents a quick look at some still photographs lifted from an exclusive film we have obtained of the shockingly vicious attack purportrated on our President Sunday in Iraq...

As you can see, the thrown shoes (2 of them in succession) fortunately missed the President, but only by "a couple of feet" according to witnesses.

The FBI and Secret Service have expressed interest in interviewing the following individuals in connection with Sunday's attack on the President. They are to be considered footed and extremely dangerous!

Random Task, professional henchman. Last known whereabouts: Gray-Bar Hotel, Orange County, CA, USA.

Dr. Evil, criminal mastermind. Last known whereabouts: Secret Volcano Lair.

Al Bundy, weapons dealer. Last known whereabouts: A couch in Chicago.

If you any have information about the incident or the three individuals above, please do not call the authorities as they are notorious for lacking a sense of humor and are likely to toss your sorry butt in jail!


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