Sunday, October 31, 2004

Not Even Close!

Okay, let me get this straight: According to what I have heard and read from what I consider to be reliable sources over the last few weeks, since the 2000 Election, with the attacks of 9/11/01 happening in the interim, President Bush has increased his support among:

African-American voters.
Hispanic voters.
Jewish voters.
Catholic voters.
Evangelical Christians.
White males.
Senior citizens.
Young voters.
Military veterans.
Union members.
Former Gore voters.
Lifelong Democrats.

And this race is as tight as 2000??? Sorry, but that just doesn’t pass the smell test, folks!

A lot of these polling firms just don’t get it! America is not the same place it was on September 10, 2001, never mind November of 2000! It seems a lot of them are using assumptions that the Democrats are still the predominant political party in this country, by several percentage points. To continue to weight polls based on that assumption is pure folly! And then, there's the ground game: Republicans have taken massive steps to improve their GOTV efforts after learning a painful lesson in 2000. Sorry folks, your outdated turnout models are just flat out unreliable!

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of very perplexed pollsters, pundits and media types when the returns start to come in on Tuesday, November 2! I can’t wait to see the Mainstream Media meltdown that night, followed by the inevitable Hollywood Liberal and Left-wing "Moon-bat" hysteria the next day as they try to come to grips with what just happened! They don’t even see it coming!!! Well, consider yourself forewarned.

Another key feature that is being discounted in these polls is the backlash factor. Republicans are going to turn out in droves, I guarantee it! The Florida fiasco of 2000, when Former Vice-President Al Gore refused to graciously concede, putting his and his party’s own selfish ambitions ahead of the best interests of the country, ripping this country apart by sending an election into the court system and trying to cherry-pick recounts strictly in precincts where Democrats held a clear partisan advantage was WAY over the line! "Pregnant" chads, interpreting the "intent" of the voter, constantly changing the rules of what does and does not constitute a valid vote whenever it becomes clear that the standard you were using is not producing enough "votes" to make up the needed ground, getting the Florida courts to repeatedly and arbitrarily extend deadlines written into state election law by the duly-elected legislators, thereby altering the rules in the middle of the "game"...and after weeks of these shenanigans, after the U.S. Supreme Court finally puts a stop to this attempt to manufacture a Gore victory, they have the unbridled audacity..the unmitigated GALL to accuse the President of trying to steal the election??? And now, they brag of having a "team" of 10,000 lawyers standing by to do it all AGAIN??? Enough!!!

Now: Add on to that the disenfranchising of our brave men and women overseas in the military while repeatedly making wild, unsubstantiated claims of Republicans disenfranchising, get this, over 1 million African-American voters in Florida alone, and four years of “selected not elected” crybaby pouting and seething rage from the party and their faithful.

Add on an ever-more-apparent bias on the part of the mainstream media, which has been on nothing short of a witch-hunt trying to destroy the President with anything they can muster, including blatantly false stories and forged documents.

Add on a growing resentment over the Democrats spending the last two years trying to make partisan hay over a WAR, again putting the ambitions of the party ahead of the good of the country and lending hope to the Terrorists and Islamo-Fascists, that if they can just hold out long enough, George W. Bush will be toppled and our campaign against them will grind to a halt! All of this after we were ATTACKED on our own soil!

Now, for good measure, tack on the vicious, unrelenting attacks, day after day after day after day, calling the President a liar, a murderer, a usurper, a deserter, a traitor, a Fascist, a Nazi, a terrorist, a coke-head, etc., etc., etc. that betray the underlying seething hatred and vitriol of a desperate and dying political movement.

Top it all off with reports of rampant attempts at voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, vandalism to Bush supporters’ campaign signs, homes, cars and offices and a promise to deploy that "team" of lawyers and set up a de-facto shadow government if they don’t win and guess what you have?

Republicans like me, and likewise, I would guess, an awful lot of non-Republicans, who just can’t wait to get to a polling place and shove our collective “screw you, losers” in their faces by way of the ballot box!

I don’t know about the Democrats, but I’m sure as Hell fired up! Welcome to reality, my Democrat friends. Time to reap what you have sown! Hope you bought yourselves a good supply of Kleenex and Tylenol for Tuesday night and Wednesday. You are going to need it! Trust me!

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