Tuesday, January 02, 2007


PJ Maximum wrote a compelling and disturbing post about the most important thing in American society today. The success in the war on terror.

She goes on to postulate that without success in the war against Islamic fascists, all is lost.

Well, I have a dissenting opinion. The most important thing is NOT the success in the war on terror, but instead it is keeping McDonalds from removing the McRib sandwich from the menu.

No you may be scoffing and telling yourself that I'm just being crazy CRAZY CRAAAAZY

but let's consider the facts:
  • The McRib is a tasty, delicious and reasonably priced sandwich
  • It has Pickles
  • It has Onions
  • It's made of PORK
  • What do muslims hate?
That's right, pork. PORK PORK PORK!

Imagine if we invested a paltry million dollars in McRib sandwiches and then dropped them into Iraq or Iran or Darfur with little bitty parachutes. The people would be happy because they'd be getting free meals from the sky and we'd be fighting terror by driving the Islamic fascists out of the areas that we carpet bomb with the tasty McRib.

I'm telling you, it'll work. But only if we all band together to keep the McRib on the McDonalds menu.

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