Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lisa De Pasquale Not Fooled By Wonkette

Cox became a media darling for her raunchy writing and contempt for conservatives, especially conservative women. In 2004, MTV brought her on as a special correspondent during the Democratic National Convention. Her 2006 novel, Dog Days, sold a dismal 5,000 copies according to Nielson’s Bookscan, despite two New York Times reviews, as well as profiles and reviews in The Washington Post, USA Today, People and The Village Voice. Six months after her book bombed, Time magazine then hired her to be their Washington editor. Liberals love to reward failure, be it with our tax dollars or their leaders.

There’s another double standard that’s not being discussed. Cox (and the current Wonkette bloggers) never hesitate to make crude, politically and factually incorrect comments about women. If she (or any woman) would have said “nappy-headed hos” it would be called catty not racist. Or gossipy instead of sexist.

Conservative women like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Katherine Harris and Michele Bachman have been insulted in the same vein by Wonkette. A picture of Ann Coulter speaking is captioned on Wonkette.com, “Nothin’ but Diet Coke, nicotine, and blow in her system.” A Wonkette “operative” asks if Michelle Malkin will be doing a sexual trick on her videoblog. Katherine Harris’s physical attributes (her “eyes” as Imus calls them) are discussed and she is called a “street whore.”

On the President, Wonkette writes, “We didn't accuse George Bush of being gay because he holds his hand in a ‘nelly way.’ We accused him of being gay because he likes ****.” And I’m supposed to believe this woman blushed when a couple old guys complimented her looks? Even Cox’s personal blog, anamariecox.com is peppered with the same sort of language. I don’t pretend to be offended by Wonkette because it’s convenient for this article. Cox shouldn’t pretend to be offended by the same language and “locker-room misogyny” that brought her into the elite media’s inner circle.

Don Imus’s critics complained that his supporters, including CBS and MSNBC up until a week ago, enabled his foulmouthed behavior because he brought in listeners and commercial dollars. The foulmouthed Ana Marie Cox doesn’t sell books and probably hasn’t sold any additional Time subscriptions. What does that say about her enablers?

Ouch. (Emphasis mine)

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