Sunday, May 06, 2007

The President Unveils New Weapon in War on Terror

The Get Stewed Newsmonger News Hounds have been at it again. With all this talk about how the Iraq war is "Lost", I instructed the News Mongers thusly:

*** Telegram ***
From Stew Magoo
To The News Monger News Crew

The War on Terror seems to be going really badly stop
Find out what is really going on stop
Determine secret plan of President Bush stop

And they did!

Top Secret Newsmonger News Story

President Bush has proven his wily ways yet again. Surrounding himself with an air of indifference to the public sentiment on the Iraq war has emboldened his detractors in their criticism. But it turns out that the Bush camp was merely lulling the terrorists into complacency to secretly unveil a new weapon. The head squish.

The President unveiling the devastating Head Squish during a press conference.

But wait! There's more!!!

Dick eschews the use of his shotgun to take aim at a surly New York War Protester.

Condi Rice also gets in on the fun. Here she is seen squishing the head of Dick Durbin (Dick not shown).

This is a rare shot from a laser guided Head Squish.

The results of the head squish can be severe. Here the skull crushing action can be clearly seen. The metal implement in the foreground is a suction drill to remove the brain from a typical liberal and/or moonbat.

Notice the whining and crying of this war protester after W looks over his shoulder and throws a casual Head Squish at her.


Naturally the Head Squish was patented by John Bolton after having to deal with the UN for so long.

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