Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A ROCK Group that Supports the Troops???

You BET...

I've always liked 3 Doors Down, and they just took a giant leap up my list of favorite bands based on guts alone! As sad as it is, you just KNOW they're going to take a whole lot of flack for this from their "peers" and others in the music industry.

The song and video have apparently been out there for at least a couple of months already. How in the world did I not know about this until now??? Spread the word, their new album comes out sometime early next year.

In the meantime, you can download this song FREE* (*short, quick e-mail registration required) at the National Guard website. But hurry, free download is limited to first 50,000 and as I said, I'm a little late to this party.

The home page for the video/song is HERE.

h/t to Ray in the comments section of this DUFU post. And to tk here for the free download tip (from a Google search).

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