Thursday, April 09, 2009

Presenting: The No Suck Blog Award!

I hereby award this totally non-sucky No Suck Badge Award to IMAO and Bad Example.

Why? Because I feel like it! Do not question me again, peon, or you shall feel my mighty wrath!

All hail Frank J., Harvey and Basil!

And a nostalgic shout out to spacemonkey, Laurence Simon, Cadet Happy, RightWingDuck, the beautiful SarahK, and yes, even to you, Aquaman, wherever you may be!

Nuke the moon!

Nominations for future recipients gladly accepted. Winners must meet minimum no suck standards. Void where prohibited by the evil left wing fascist free speech police.

Two flavors now available for your sidebars:

230 x 230

190 x 190

Choose and perish!



I figured I'd go ahead and present my very, very close friends at America is an Obamanation! one these puppies as well. What can I say? "Rev." Right and I are very close. Be sure to check out his blog sometime.


UPDATE #2 (4/11/09):

It seems Harvey has accepted my offering on behalf of IMAO and has given me back this:

Now, if I can only figure out how to get the sidebar on this old version of Blogger to accept images once again (it doesn't seem to want to cooperate), I can add another pointless graphic to MY sidebar!

Let's see, what can I say?

You don't hate me! You really, really kind of don't hate me! Wow! I'd like to thank me, without whom none of this would have been possible. Everyone else can go suck a lemon. I don't need you anyway, look how great I am! Bugger off...

Wait! Come back, I'm just kidding. No, really, get lost. You'd only eat all my Cheetos and drink all my Mr. Pibb, then wipe your orange hands and face on my curtains when I wasn't looking and ruin all the tables by not using coasters anyway. You people make terrible house guests. Really, go away now before I get angry and turn the hose on you. That would be ugly. Nobody needs to see that, so go.

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