Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Moonbat Martyrdom and the Maxed Out Race Card

As with any religion, Moonbattery has its share of martyrs.

The Fastest way to martyrdom in the Church of Moonbattery is to be exposed to the world at large as the left-wing fringe lunatic you are and to, as a direct result of such exposure, be chased out of a position of trust or authority.

That you are, in fact, a left-wing fringe lunatic is a given with these people. If you weren't, they wouldn't worship and adore you. It is the exposure of your true nature to too many sane, rational people that brings about your downfall, as the only way to advance Moonbattery is to successfully hide what you are up to from the masses long enough to do great damage to American society, just as it is written in the Moonbat Bible, Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Such is the case with Van Jones, the much lamented ex-Czar of "Green Jobs." Seven months into this mess of an administration, no one can point to a single job, green, orange, mauve, magenta, taupe or otherwise that this genius created with the $60 billion he was handed from the "stimulus" package, but no one on the left or in the media (but I repeat myself) seems to care about such trivialities.

Nope --- it's damage control time on Moonbattery's front lines! The more people they can keep from learning the real truth about Van Jones, the less damage that will be done to the movement and their precious Obama Administration.

So to listen to them, when they will even deign to discuss it all, the reason Van Jones got towed away to the scrapyard was all due to a "vicious smear campaign" conducted by Glenn Beck, talk radio and right-wing bloggers. It had nothing whatsoever to do with his being a 9/11 "Truther" loon, nor did it have to do with his being an avowed Communist, nor his being a founding member of the Marxist radical group STORM, nor his naming his newborn son after a Communist revolutionary in 2006, nor his advocacy of freeing notorious cop-killer and far-left radical Mumia Abu-Jamal (with whom he cut a rather disgusting album, incidentally), nor his belief in a conspiracy by "whitey" to poison blacks with industrial pollution, etc., etc., etc.

Nope, all smoke and mirrors, kiddies! The reasons for Van Jones downfall according to the left? He dared to call Republicans a$$h@les (which, of course, everyone knows is true) in a video that got splashed around on YouTube, compared former President George W. Bush to a "crackhead" in yet another YouTube moment, oh, and of course...


That's right, out comes the race card yet again. It really seems to be the only bullet left in their arsenal right now, doesn't it?

You know what else is attributed to racism by the left?

Any and all criticism of Barack Obama, his administration, his proposals, his policies, his past, his associates, the neckties he wears, the brand of shampoo he uses, his method of holding his fork while eating his waffles...


There is not one blessed thing on this earth that anyone could rationally disagree with this turkey or the rest of his witless drones about that would not get them labelled as "racists."

I bet you didn't even realize that the real reason you and I do not support Obama's health care plan is because we don't want poor black people and Hispanics to have free medical care. And here we were deluding ourselves into thinking it was because of the outrageous cost; the further over-empowerment of an already far too powerful government; the massive, crushing debt; the potential severe and permanent damage to the economy; the likelihood of an eventual end to all private insurance plans; the inevitable rationing of care; the unavoidable reduction of the overall quality of what is today the finest health care system in the entire world (not to mention a whole host of other very real concerns).

Nope, we're all just a bunch of racists.

Well, I don't know about you, but I've had it! The time has come for us, as the responsible adults in this political family, to take away junior's race card.

The race card is maxed out and you're not able to keep up with the payments anymore. You were warned time and again to only use it in a real emergency when real, actual racism was around and threatening to harm people, but instead you just kept whipping it out during every petty argument you ever got into with someone who didn't agree with your politics and kept on running up the bill. Well, enough is enough, children. You've been totally irresponsible with it and we're just not letting you use it anymore, so hand it over!

Now go to your room!

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