Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bloglighting - DUmmie FUnnies

Webster's defines Schadenfreude as:

Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.

The Right Place defines Schadenfreude as DUmmie FUnnies.

DUmmie FUnnies is the creation of a mysterious creature called PJ-Comix, who closely resembles a cigar-smoking cartoon beaver (subliminal Clinton reference perhaps?) and describes himself as follows:

I am a 30,000 year old reincarnated being from the 5th dimension. Once every 6000 years I materialize in your dimension in a Las Vegas hotel suite where I chant my holiest of mantras: "RAMA DAMA, I WANNA HOT MAMMA!!!"

Other than materializing in other dimensions, my big hobby is DUmmie observation which I do by observing DUmmies from the Democratic Underground website in my personal DUmmie Ant Farm. I find the DUmmies VERY AMUSING and share my observations of those funny Leftist critters with the rest of the world via my DUmmie FUnnies Blog.

This blog evolved out of a bit begun on Free Republic and highlights the sheer lunacy of the far leftwing fever swamp known as the Democratic Underground, or DU for short. For those of you who have never travelled down that particular Internet sewer hole, let me assure you - it is a place where the tin-foil headgear crowd is front and center!

The DUmmie FUnnies is a hilarious way to observe these folks - the few, the proud, the certifiably loony - from a safe distance without dipping your browser into the stinky muck. Your friendly tour guide, PJ-Comix, even provides occasional Moonbat to English translations and other helpful (and quite funny) observations in brackets beneath each highlighted DUmmie ranting from the selected discussion thread. Here is a prime example from his latest post, DUmmie FUnnies 06-08-05 ("Okay. I am now ready to make some daring, wild-ass predictions.") which is a true classic culled from a DU thread predicting that the Republicans, pretty much ALL of them, are about to be swept from power (sans elections of course) in a fireball of scandal:

LunaC wrote:
Due to retrograde motion, Bush* will again experience the Saturn Return effect in mid-June but this time it's even juicier......Mars (action - ruler of his Power/Destiny) will be in his house of Courts and in conflict with Neptune (deceptions) in the house of his Foundations. At the same time Mercury (news) will conjunct the Sun (focus) in his house of Self-Undoing. The chickens WILL come home to roost! Bush's* Fraud will be revealed in the Courts, MSM will cover it extensively, and it should lead to his decline in power and stature.

[I think Luna-tic, due to a retrograde motion in her brain, has her head stuck in Uranus.]

Did I mention that the original thread poster fervently believes the "Pukes" stole the election? Oh, and not just the Presidency, the Senate, too! In DUmmieland, this is not unusual. It is, rather, a widely accepted FACT! Like I've been telling you, it IS the Internet's leftwing loony-bin!

If you need a good laugh today, toddle on over and check out DUmmie FUnnies. It will give you a terrific peek inside the world so many of those leftwing trolls who pop up on your favorite Conservative blogs come from!

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PJ-Comix said...

Thanx for the great DUmmie FUnnies review. The next time I materialize in the Vegas Space/Time Continuum in your dimension 5000 years from now, I'll have to invite you to an overly extravagant buffet. BURP!