Friday, June 03, 2005

Byrd's Wings May Be Clipped

Yes, it is early in the process, much, much too early to take polls all that seriously, but who in their wildest dreams would have ever thought they'd see numbers like these staring Senator Robert Byrd (KKK Jackass-WV) RPI=-39 in his grizzled old puss?

Long revered throughout his homestate as the "King of Pork" where anything and everything bears his name, literally, the Senator's increasingly odd and hyper-partisan antics in the Senate chamber may be causing many of his constituents in increasingly conservative West Virginia more than just a twinge of angst.

Sen. Byrd, who would turn 89 shortly after the 2006 Election, is the longest serving current member of the United States Senate (first elected in 1958 after 3 terms in the U.S. House) and has never faced much of a serious challenge during his tenure in this state, long considered a Democrat stronghold before voting for George W. Bush in each of the last two Presidential Elections.

While it is not yet known whether Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV CD2) RPI=115 will actually run against him, numbers like these certainly have to have her, and quite likely other potential candidates, pondering the possibility!

Gee, I wonder if the good Senator is feeling at all well these days. Think we'll see a "health-related" pullout?

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West Virginia blogger Don Surber, who certainly by now has an "instalanche" on his hands, is a must read with a great perspective and a hysterically funny picture to go with his post!

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Bachbone said...

While listening to a radio call-in show on a drive north through WV two years ago, it was evident to me then that Sen. Byrd was skating on thin ice. I forget what he had done at that time, but callers to the show were heavily against it. They felt he was an embarrassment to the state and should retire. A few callers, who sounded like older folks, did support him.

You certainly are correct that everything in the state carries his name.