Sunday, April 13, 2008

You'll Be Snorting Your Drink Out THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE!

A magnificently funny and insightful poem on Canada's most dangerous man, Richard "F**k Free Speech for Conservatives" Warman, from the genius that is Buckley F. Williams...

"...More likely to sip a cosmo than a lager,

What really gets him verklempt are those neo-con bloggers.

Oh the words that they use oh those words, words, words, words!

Each one that they write gives me fits, flots, and flurds!

Don’t they realize just what their scary ideas might do

If there were no Richard Warman protecting you?..."

"...What, you might ask, drives this warrior on?

What makes him right wrongs from late dusk until dawn?

Some say as a child he received one wedgie too many

From Dalton, Ned, Zeke, and that one-legged dwarf Benny.

He limped home that night, quite embarrassed and swollen,

And commenced extracting his briefs from his colon..."

Do yourself a favor, read the whole thing!

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