Monday, March 24, 2008

Meet the Democrat Super Delegates...

There's been an awful lot of talk lately about the so-called "Super Delegates" that may decide the final outcome of the bitter Democrat party nomination battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but no one seems to know very much about them. So, once again, where the mainstream media falters, The Right Place comes through!

Here now is an exclusive look at a sample of some of the key members of this elite group. We hope you will find it enlightening...











Super Dave Osborne

Super Mario Brothers

Super Grover

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

Harvey Birdman

Big Gay Al
(Yes, he's super --- thanks for asking!)

Mr. Peanut

Captain Planut

Wonder Whoa-Man!

The Wicked Witch of the West Coast


Black Vulcan

Black Panther

Lex Luthor

The Kingpin

The Joker

Simon Bar Sinister

Dr. Doom & Gloom

Buddy the Elf

Morocco Mole

The Noid

Captain Underpants

The Gamorrean Guard

The Incredulous Hulk


Tank Girl

The Blue Sperm

Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale




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