Monday, March 12, 2007

Global Warming Alarmists Defend The Sun

It's the object that determines the temperature of the Earth, and when scientists notice that Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune's moon Triton are warming up along with the Earth, Global Warming Alarmists are the first to say it's NOT the sun's fault. It's those damn carbon emissions!!!

Brian Macdonald has a good explanation of how man is responsible for the warming on Mars:
Data received from the Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions have disclosed that both ice caps on the Martian poles have been shrinking for at least three consecutive years. A report from National Geographic states "simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural — and not a human-induced — cause." Hmmm, that brings up some questions.

It's claimed that global warming is caused by human-induced pollution, especially exhaust from automobiles. But planet Earth is much closer to the sun, so how do we, er, scientists and other assorted global warming advocates explain the shrinking ice caps on Mars?

Well, there's two vehicles on Mars right now, a pair of diabolical NASA SUVs that are spewing more carbons out of their tailpipes than Al Gore spends to cover up his home heating bills. I bet there's a redneck at the wheel of each, just tossing beer cans out on that lovely Martian dirt while listening to Toby Keith albums.

And the sun is not involved in any of this, or so Gore and company want you to believe.
Not only that, but Live Science has some misleading information on "affects of global warming," citing the number one affect being an increased risk of forest fires. They claim that global warming has caused an increase of fires in the past decade. However, the actual cause to that is environmental regulations which excessively prevented forests from being logged, allowing a build-up of dead trees waiting to be burnt.

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