Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why I Love Dave Ramsey

I told you about Dave Ramsey on GOPAC and the blessing that Magotteaux gave me and all the other employees who took the class, with Financial Peace University. Well, here's a preview of some of the information in the class.

Watch this video, or if you have dial-up, I'll give you a synopsis:

Ben saves 2,000 per year from the time he is 19, until he is 26 years old in a mutual fund that gives a modest 12% annual return, and then stops. Arthur begins saving at 27 and never stops until he retires. At the age of 65, Ben has retired with $2,288,990 off of a mere $16,000 of earned income. Arthur retires with $1,532,160 after saving $78,000, and he will NEVER catch up.

In the words of Dave:
"The point of this chart is not that you should have started, it's that YOU'D BETTER START!"

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