Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Laziness At It's Worst

You wonder why Americans are the most over weight people in the world, and companies like this in Cookeville make you realize it in a heartbeat.

Food of Your Mood, "We go so you don't have to."

You tell these people what carry-out you want from what restaurant, and they will call the restaurant, order it, then pick it up and bring it to you, for a charge of around $3-$5 extra. It's for the local Cookeville Area where I go to school.

Now I can see how this would be a benefit for people who either do not have a car, or are unable to drive because of other reasons. But seriously, how lazy do you have to be to have some one else order the food, then pick it up and bring it to you. Can you not take the effort to drive there and get it yourself?

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