Thursday, August 09, 2007

Analysis of liberal logic

As it unravels

  1. 0 hour - Horrible accident occurs (the I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota)
  2. 1 minute past 0 hour - Liberals take a deep breath
  3. 1 minute and 1 millisecond past 0 hour - Liberals begin to search desperately for reasons to blame the Bush administration for the aforementioned bridge collapse

Since the answer to everything in a liberals mind is to throw money at the Federal Government so that under proper demoratic leadership we can "fix" the problem, it doesn't take very long until we determine that the course of action (for your typical liberal) is to blame Bush for taking money from Bridge Repair and giving it to Halliburton and friends in the war for oil (this last typically spoken with a nasal whine).

Spirited debates over just how many bridges the Federal Government has repaired (still zero) are going on all over the nation. Liberals spout on about how many trillions of dollars Bushitler is spending on war and lament how if there was only more money available to repair the bridges then we'd be able to fix this, this horrible HORRIBLE (it's all Bush's faulttm) (worst President in historytm) mess...

But then we find out that the REASON for the bridge failure might be the additional weight of the construction equipment while the bridge was under repair.

Wha??? That's right kiddies. The bridge was under repair when it failed.

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