Sunday, August 26, 2007

Go ahead, make my day

You've no doubt heard the story of the poor kid who got in trouble for drawing the doodle that ended up being a gun. Here is the actual sketch in case you've not seen it:

Pretty dangerous. Other students might have seen this and recoiled violently getting paper cuts, running the risk of bleeding, scaring other students and generally wrecking havoc. Hey, it could happen.

Others, such as Neal Boortz, have discussed the mechanisms of using a zero tolerance policy to generate the lemming like follower mentality.

Wake up folks. These are our 21st century American government schools. They aren't worth a crap (pardon the expression). They exist for one purpose, to provide jobs for government union school teachers and government administrative hacks. Deep in your hearts each and every one of you know that the private sector could be doing a better job, and you're also deeply embarrassed, even if you won't admit it, that you have turned your children over to this hideous system to be, or so you think, "educated."

There is no one entity that is more responsible for the decline of our great country than our system of government education.

I don't have the sophistication to drum up this type of insight.

Instead I'll just say that if some kid drew a gun on ME in class, I'd probably be perty asceered.

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