Sunday, August 19, 2007

Isn't "Pahrump" the sound of a backboard slamming against a wall?

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So Hillary is feeling good about "where I am" after Karl Rove, in a parting shot called her a "flawed candidate".

Perhaps God is looking out for me, or maybe it's the stars aligning just right, this cracked me up. Somehow Hillary, in a fascinating display of putting her mouth in gear prior to engaging her brain uttered the James Brownian, "I feel good" about her visit to Pahrump, Nevada.

Apparently Pahrump, Nevada is the whorehouse capital of not only Nevada but the United States.

Mrs. Clinton:" Well, aren't we glad to see him go, I think is the answer to that. You know, I am thrilled to be running this campaign, and to be getting the response that I'm getting all over the country. I was in Pahrump, Nevada, just today, earlier. 2,500 people. I feel very good about where I am." -- OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today

The fact that Hillary is showing us now what it'd be like to have her as a leader will only hurt her more. The unbelievable stupidity she shows on a regular basis belies her lack of charm and just flat out evil thirst for power.

Oh on the upside, she's a never ending source of humor. Provided you can filter out the whole socialist leanings thing. For starters.

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