Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas MSNBC Entertainment Nugget

So Joe reporter is in Palestine doing his reporting thing. People have been killing each other and he's all serious. The Blonde at the newsdesk waits for him to finish his report and asks*, "So, apart from a cessation of violence, what could help boost tourism?"

The reporter was speechless. I nearly fell out of my chair.

But I started thinking about it, perhaps "a cessation of violence" from Hammas/Fatah/Insert Terrorist Group Here is too lofty a goal? Terrorism and Tourism are remarkably similarly spelled. Why, both words begin with "T" and end in "rism". Both have consonants and vowels in there. Perhaps the Demorats have a point, after all Tourism isn't bad. Perhaps Terrorism isn't so bad either. What are some other things that could stimulate tourism to the middle east?

  • A Popcorn Stand on each streetcorner dispensing free buckets
  • Free Fudge (Terrorist Fudge)
  • Terrorist Bobblehead Dolls (collect 'em all!)
  • Free Skinless (pork free) Hotdogs for each IED detonated
  • A panel of judges scoring each "hit" 2-10
The possibilities are endless... Personally I'd like to see a Disney themed park with giant terrorists and martyrs dressed up like Goofy or Mickey or better yet, Mayor McCheese!. They could have a daily parade. If the Pirates of the Carribean can have one why not Hammas?

* I am not making this up

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