Thursday, December 14, 2006

A rare serious post

From Stew? Tell me it ain't happening.

I read today of a disturbing news event. The Palestinian Prime Minister was stopped trying to enter Gaza with $35 million dollars in cash. Israel shut down the terminal to deny entry for the Palestinian PM.

Reports said Mr Haniyeh, from the Hamas movement, was carrying $35m (€26.5m, £17.8m) in cash, believed to be part of the $350m he raised during a regional tour that took in Iran, Syria and Qatar. He was later allowed entry, but without the cash.

Now what would he be doing with all that cash?
  1. Taking a "cash bath"
  2. Collecting baseball cards rivaling that of Saddam
  3. Perhaps McDonalds opened a branch and he's trying to feed the hungry?
  5. Buying weapons for terrorists
For what use could it be? Probably be hamburgers.

Understandably members of Hamas, trying to protect the integrity of the hamburgers, decided to storm the terminal and act like terrorists.

Said, Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas legislator, the closure “could lead the region to an explosion and the Zionist enemy and its allies will bear the responsibility for the consequences”.

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