Friday, December 01, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [Squawk Box Edition]

Attendance was a bit low this week, but there were still some solid entries in this week's Caption Contest.

As a reminder, here is this week's picture:

GOP and College says: "Hey, you wanna play with my little one?"

And now, let's take a look at our winners.

-- "Oh, goody! With the Democrats in power I can partial-birth abort my chick!" – Damien G.

-- "Hate To Complain But The Night Light's Burnt Out." – Radio Free Fred

-- I told you, son, I wasn't in the movie Happy Feet. – Carl

#10 "You Could Use A Global Worming." – Radio Free Fred

#9 Dad...tell me the story of Steve Irwin again. – Carl

#8 "Is that an offspring or are your feet happy to see me?" – McGehee

#7 "Why can't we have Hamburger Helper like Billy's family?"
"You'll eat regurgitated fish and like it, young man!" – Pam

#6 Bill Clinton unveils his special "Intern" Halloween costume. – Stew

#5 While you're down there, change the oil and rotate the tires. – walrus

#4 Sorry son, Nancy Pelosi took the last fish, said it was our "Contribution". – walrus

#3 "Have You Ever Considered Cental Air?" – Radio Free Fred

#2 "There's Enough Yeast Down Here To Start A Bakery." – Radio Free Fred

And the winning entry:

"Say goodnight, Dick." – Rodney Dill

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