Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's Carnival Time...

Hey, 24 fanatics: Presenting the first ever Carnival of Bauer at Blogs4Bauer!

Need a good laugh? Carnival of Comedy #44: the Greatest Carnival Ever! If you are familiar with [adult swim] on Cartoon Network and the very quirky yet often hysterically funny Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you will love the theme of this week's carnival at The Platypus Society!

More yuks are available at The Carnival of Satire (#23) at the skwib.

Rick Moran has more of the usual suspects lined up for a beating with the old cluebat in his Carnival of the Clueless #34 at Right Wing Nut House.

The Carnival of Liberals' Wrongs finally appears to be catching on at The Liberal Wrong-Wing

The oldest of all the blogging carnivals notches another week: Carnival of the Vanities #180 at Cigar Intel Agency

Other things worth a look...

David Drake examines the concept of intent.

From the creator of the Camp Katrina blog comes this: MilTracker.


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