Friday, March 03, 2006

Captions Outrageous! [Iran So Far Away Edition]

The above photo comes to us from Stringer/Reuters via Yahoo!

This contest will last approximately one week.

Good luck!


I not only like to host photo caption contests, I like to play them, too! Be certain to check out the latest contests at these great blogs...

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And don't forget to check out the best caption blog in the business (where your suggestions are always welcome in the comments section, and can, if good enough, get promoted to the front page)...

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Or maybe you'd prefer a headline contest for a change of pace?



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Last week, we unveiled a cool new button for the sidebar of our CAP-HOG Top 25 members, courtesy of Hoodlumman of File It Under...

Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory Top 25

I even created a new permanent link which will be updated regularly with each new Hall of Glory post that can be hyperlinked using that or any other logo.

This week, Hoodlumman has come through again with a button for everyone else who is a member of or soon hopes to join the ranks of the vaunted Captions Hall of Glory!

Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory

For the code you need to post either icon on your own blog, just click on it and scroll down near the bottom of that post!

Thanks again, Hood! You are the best!

I would also like to thank a reader called "Night Rider", who worked on his own version of a button design for our Hall of Glory. I very much appreciate the effort. Thank you.


Thanks for the links!

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UPDATE 3/11:

This contest is now closed...


New contest is HERE!

Thank you all for playing!

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