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Captions Outrageous! Winners [Iran So Far Away Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 34th ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated!

Presenting the top 25+ captions for this picture from Stringer/Reuters via Yahoo!

BONUS! The "My, How Very Punny You Are" Dept.:

"Whatever the holocost, it was worth it."

Rodney Dill

"If Ayatollah once, Ayatollah a thousand times!!!"


BONUS! The "I Lost on Jeopardy" Dept.:

"Thank you, Alex. I think I'll try 'Rhymes with Burder Kevery Fingle Dew' for $1,000, please."

Buckley F. Williams

When "What is something that never actually happened?" was deemed the wrong question to the answer "The Holocaust," Ahmadinejad realized he shouldn't have wagered everything on Final Jeopardy.

V the K

We now return you to our regularly scheduled countdown...

#25: "And I smacked him so hard, his turban was out to here!"


#24: Jacket from Armani, sweater from Gucci, shirt from Versace, ring from Cartier.


#23: "A funny thing happened on my way to the Intifada..."


#22: The Academy Awards 2009: "Best Film - Dude, Where's Israel?"

the man

#21: "We will now accept opening bids for not being a target of our righteous jihad. Wait for it, France..."


#20: "For the last time, I am NOT Henry Winkler's illegitimate son!"


#19: "Why, yes, I am indeed doing a Mussolini impersonation. Since you guessed correctly, your family will be spared!"



Rodney Dill

#17: Osama bin Ladin, for many years the face of Islamofascism, is now getting competition from the other end.

D. Carter

#16: Addressing David Gregory at an Iranian press conference: "For that impertinent question, you will be beheaded."


#15: "No, I do not know what is covered in sand and glows in the dark..."

Rodney Dill

#14: "After just three applications, Grecian Formula worked beautifully."


#13: "Yes, of course I was disappointed at being rejected for the role of Gilligan in the remake, but I've been able to channel my ambition into other successful endeavors. I'm going to star in The George Clooney Story."

D. Carter meets Doc

#12: "Beautiful, Mahmoud! You have that look of concern down pat while you make the 'OFF WITH HER HEAD' hand motion."


#11: Even when he began refusing to speak except through his invisible hand puppet, the UN still denied they were dealing with a nutjob.

V the K

#10: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demonstrates the newest Iranian technology by splitting a "peaceful" atom into a glass of heavy water.

Dave Craddock

#9: "I'm happy to be the keynote speaker at the Iranian Women's Conference this year, and I'm sure there are probably a lot of familiar faces out there; of course, since you're all wearing burkhas, it's hard to tell."

D. Carter

#8: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad poses for the latest action figure in the Jihadist series by Mattel's Middle Eastern division. Other dolls in the series include Osama bin Ladin, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Michael Moore.


#7: "G-4... Anyone... Anyone?
I-14... Anyone?
B-52... Hello, B-52?"

the man

#6: In spite of unfettered access to the world's finest medical, political and psychiatric care, the "Iranianization" of the Queen Mum appeared complete.

Buckley F. Williams

#5: "I'm not just a member of the Hair Club for Jihadis, I nationalized the company!"


#4: "And the winner is... Brokeback Camel!"

Special Ed

#3: "Wow! I coulda had a V-8!"


#2: "This glass of water is neither half empty, nor half full. It has been half-martyred for the glory of Allah!"

Laurence Simon

And the winning entry for this Caption Contest...

#1: "I... did... not... have... sex... with... that... camel..."

Steve O


Technically speaking, it's not really a caption, but it is very creative and downright funny, so I am treating it like a photoshop entry! 5 bonus points awarded for the following witty ditty...

(Sung to the tune of Timbuk 3's The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades)

We study nuclear science
We love glowing masses
Gotta crazy world leader
Makes Moslems look like asses
Bomb production's going great
And the missle's flying better.

We're refining it right
High plutonium grade
Countryside'll be so bright
We'll hafta wear shades.

We've got oil waiting for world distribution
Fifty bil ($) a year -- buys a lot of of fear
Attacks are going great
Targeting is getting better.

Terrorizing all right
Uranium is weapons grade
The blast'll be so bright
We'll hafta wear shades

Well Allah be blessed and world be wise
Need a Kim Jong-Il techie and x-ray guys
Attacks on Israel are great
But Tel Aviv is better.

Thinkin' Israel's a blight
And Islam's gonna raid
Iran's future's so bright
We gotta wear shades.

Rodney Dill, who has evidently been working on different versions of this one for awhile now...


Speaking of photoshops, Chris is back in the game this week with another gem...


Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!


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