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Captions Outrageous! Winners [Catch a Falling Star Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 33rd ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated!

Presenting the top 20+ captions for this picture from AP Photo/Rob Carr via Yahoo!


The "Gee, I could've won this contest if I had only thought of something along the lines of the first caption that popped into Mr. Right's mind when he chose this picture" award:

Once the colossal black hole of ignorance that was Ted Kennedy began sucking in neighboring galaxies, the Universe was doomed to an untimely end!

Mr. Right


Maestro, cue the music...

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Teddy's heart is hardening
From years of abuse

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
Even when you stumble in
At half past two

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
Hot chicks and
Some monkey love

Like a bolt out of the blue
Teddy drives in and runs you thru
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true


And now, on with the countdown...

#20: "Remembuh, nothing says 'good job' like a firm, open-palmed slap on the behind."

V the K

#19: Ted Kennedy's stoop appears more prevelant these days. (Not to be confused with the drunken "stupers" normally associated with Teddy...)

Zsa Zsa

#18: "This is how my dad used to salute Hitler."

V the K

#17: "No thanks, I'll pass out here."


#16: Teddy gives the signal for his favorite size beverage... a fifth.


#15: "Waiter... Yeah, 5 shots over here!"

GOP and College

#14: "Hopefully, the edge of this picture will hold me up!"


#13: The letter "H" is brought to you by Ted Kennedy... "H" as in "hammered" and "hosed".

the man

#12: The bloviating killer then drunkenly hurled a throwing-star at the "Remember Chappaquiddick" heckler, embedding it into his neck.


#11: In his latest frat prank for the OWL CLUB, Senator Kennedy plays a rousing game of "Ninja Frisbee" with Justice Sam Alito.

Dave Craddock

#10: Senator Kennedy pauses to form a crescent and star symbol of Islam.

Steve O

#9: "Live long and prosper? Ha! Between state-run health care and the taxes to pay for it, good freakin' luck with that!"

V the K

#8: Senator Kennedy sees stars as he wanders out of the Congressional drunk tank.

Damian G.

#7: That's not Ted Kennedy doing the robot, that's a robot doing Ted Kennedy!


#6: "Damned DT's! Outa the way, dammit! I can't see that cocktail waitress who's waving her pantyhose at me."


#5: Witness later recalling: "Well... he caught one, and the one to the back of the head did no damage, but the lower one took out his brain."

Rodney Dill

#4: "Oh, yeah... I gotta stick to Scotch; that way, I just see stars. Vodka makes me see little Oldsmobiles!

D. Carter

#3: Pie-Eyed Flatulent Ninja Senators - coming to NBC this Fall!

Rodney Dill

#2: Ted Kennedy demonstrates the proper way to signal for a right turn off of a bridge.


And the winning entry for this Caption Contest...

#1: "What? The campaign bus is out of ethanol? No problem, I'll just go breathe into the tank for a few minutes."

D. Carter

Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!


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