Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Frequent Flyers Club Mileage, Part IV

As long time readers no doubt are aware, I occasionally seek to reward those with blogs of their own who frequent this blog leaving comments, participating in the caption contests, communicating through e-mail or linking to numerous posts, through something I like to call the Frequent Flyers Club.

Membership in the FFC gets you moved to the top of my blogroll and highlighted in bold print for all to see! It also gets you a prominent mention in a post like this, where I encourage my readers to check out all my Frequent Flyers, including encouraging all of the FFC members to check out each other... you just never know when you might run across a new favorite!

First, a gigantic mea culpa!

  • Stephen Johnson (NY)

    The Right Place

  • What have I been thinking??? Stephen, you should have been THE charter member of this club as my earliest blogging partner and a long time acquaintance on the threads of PoliPundit! I guess it just never occurred to me to induct you because, well... you were already an established part of the Right Place family when I started this thing and this was your blog as well as mine. Boy, I must have had rocks in my head up until now! Forgive me, sir! This induction is WAAAAAAYYYYY overdue! Your contributions here have been magnificent, thank you so much!

    The new inductees this time are as follows...

  • Dave Craddock (CA)

    The Paladin Blog

  • Has linked several times, commented and plays in our caption contests regularly, too. Thank you!

  • David Drake (MN)

    David Drake

  • A regular linker and e-mailer. Welcome, David!

  • Bill Faith (IL)

    Small Town Veteran

    Bill's World

  • A fellow Illinois native who has been through some rough times of late, Bill has linked to a number of our posts. Thank you, sir and thanks also for your service to our country!

  • Greg Finnegan (NC)

    Hasty Ruminations

  • Has joined in a number of our caption contests. Welcome!

  • FrauBudgie (TX)

    Red Hot Cuppa Politics

  • Has linked a couple times and recently started playing along in the captions contests as well. Thanks!

  • Gary (New England)

    Ex-Donkey Blog

  • Has given us several awesome links! Mucho gracias!

  • The Good Lieutenant (PA)

    Mein BlogoVault

  • Plays in the caption contests every now and then and has also commented and linked to us. Thank you!

  • GOP and College (TN)

    GOP and College

  • Has linked, e-mailed and played the caption contests a couple of times. Besides that, he's the brother of an FFC alum, "the man" of GOP and the City and Blogs4Bauer fame. Welcome!

  • Greyhawk & Mrs. Greyhawk

    The Mudville Gazette

  • I am most honored that they have linked here several times. Thank you so much and thank you for your service to America!

  • hatless in hattiesburg

    Hatless in Hattiesburg

  • Has linked here a number of times now, welcome aboard!

  • joe-6-pack (GA)


  • A captions player who has also linked here. Thanks, dude!

  • Laer (CA)

    Cheat-Seeking Missiles

  • Laer has linked a few times and occasionally plays along in our caption contests. Welcome!

  • Carl McCaskey (FL)

    The World According to Carl

    The Official Carl McCaskey Homepage

  • One of our regular photo caption contest players who has also linked a couple of times. Welcome aboard!

  • McGehee (GA)


    The McGehee Zone

  • McGehee has become one of our caption contest power players and has linked here, too. Yippee-Ki-Yay indeed, my friend!

  • Pam Meister (New England)

    Blogmeister USA

    Lifelike Pundits

  • A blogging partner to our old friends Pat Curley and Kitty Myers at Lifelike Pundits, Pam has become a regular player and linker to our caption contests among other things. She also tends to hang out around several of our other favorite blogs, so she should fit right in around here! Welcome aboard, Pam!

  • Miriam (DE)

    Miriam's Ideas

  • Has commented several times and has linked a couple of times, too. Thanks!

  • Bob O'Malley (FL)


  • Another photo contest regular and occasional commenter. Thank you, sir!

  • Lyn Perry (KS)

    Bloggin' Outloud

  • Before embarking on a recent blogging hiatus, Lyn linked here a number of times, corresponded via e-mail and has even played in a caption contest at least once so far. Welcome!

  • Sgt. Fluffy

    The Gone Rick Motel

  • From another blog that plays host to a fine weekly photo caption contest of its own, Sgt. Fluffy has been playing in our photo contests lately and linking to them, too. Thank you!

  • Laurence Simon (TX)

    This Blog Is Full of Crap


  • Lair is a semi-regular captions player and joins fellow IMAO genius spacemonkey in our club. Welcome, good sir, we are not worthy!

  • Son of the Godfather (CA)

    The Waftic Arena

  • A captioning whiz who found his way over from the threads of V the K's "Caption This!" to take our photo caption contests by storm with a wicked initial 5 week assault! Here's hoping he returns soon, even though many of our other captions players may hope he stays away awhile longer...

  • Songbird (TX)

    The Texas Songbird

  • Has commented, linked and played the caption contests a number of times. Many thanks!

  • TC (NY)

    Leather Penguin

  • Has linked quite a few times and commented as well. Welcome, sir!

  • W.C. Varones (CA)

    W.C. Varones

  • Has linked a few times and e-mailed. Thank you!

    Gone but not forgotten?

  • Peter Halabu (MI)

    Catholicism Redux

  • Peter was a semi-regular in our caption contests for awhile who should have been inducted in the last round. Although his blog seems to have gone dormant, I am going to correct my clumsy oversight, welcome him to the club, and list him along with the others who have vanished from the blogosphere in the hopes they may someday return...

    More to come...

    As always, there are a number of other folks who I am keeping an eye on for possible inclusion in the next round of inductions. If you are a frequent visitor here, and have a blog of your own, let me know of your presence via comments, e-mails and, of course, links, and you can join, too!

    In the meantime, if you have us on your blogroll, but do not appear on ours, just let me know and I will fix that!


    Right Place Contributors

  • Anna (OH)

    A Rose by Any Other Name

    Warm 'n Fuzzy Conserva-Puppies

    The Right Place

  • Anna was one of our earliest regulars who began a blog of her own that is, quite simply, awesome! I was very proud to have her join us here shortly after she helped make our "Blogoweeniversary" Party a real success. Her finest moment among many wonderful contributions was her call for help for milblogger Grey Eagle, which resulted in a blogstorm that helped a medic on the frontlines in Iraq find the help she needed to shield her blog, a tribute to fallen soldiers, from some vicious trolls and hackers. Way to go, Anna!

  • Giacomo [aka T.M. Ergin] (NH)

    Joust the Facts

    The Right Place

  • Dr. Ergin was a frequent visitor and commenter here who also contributed greatly to the success of our "Blogoweeniversary" Party last year. His own blog had long been a regular stop for me, but he seemed to be criminally under-evolved on the TTLB Ecosystem! I was very humbled when he agreed to join us here, where I hope he has garnered some more exposure for his fine work both there and here! I was pleased to see Joust the Facts among the Weblog Awards Finalists this past year, giving it some well-deserved notoriety! Congratulations again, T.M.!

    The Vanguard

  • Lorie Byrd (NC)

    Byrd Droppings


    Confirm Them

  • Lorie is one of the finest bloggers in the business and a true inspiration. It was the work of her and her fellow bloggers at PoliPundit that first got me interested in blogging. Lorie also helped to get me noticed with frequent links when I was first starting out and struggling to find an audience. I will be forever grateful to her for her kindness and support!

  • Pat Curley (AZ)

    Brainster's Blog

    Lifelike Pundits

    Silver Age Comics

  • Pat Curley is easily the nicest guy on the Internet and one of the finest bloggers out there. He was the very first person ever to blogroll me and helped get me my big break when he noticed my post on congressional voting records that I had put weeks of research into, but had no idea how to promote. Pat spread the word for me and taught me the value of a little self-promotion now and then. He has linked frequently and often helps out other new bloggers that catch his eye just as he helped me! He has a must read blog where he posts frequent exclusives that should not be missed! Pat also participated in our "Blogoweeniversary" Party. Thanks for everything, Pat!

  • Rodney Dill

    Outside the Beltway

  • Rodney helped put my weekly photo caption contests on the map with his regular participation and with a link in the prestigious OTB Caption Jam each Saturday. Rodney hosts two caption contests of his own each week and plays in practically everyone else's contests as well --- not coincidentally, he is among the best players out there!

  • Will Franklin (TX)


  • Will was among the first bloggers to contact me via e-mail and I was very impressed with his amazing blog, which I began to visit regularly. Will, like me, has a weekly photo for people to caption and we often will participate in one another's contests. He has linked quite a few times and participated in our very special "Blogoweeniversary" Party. He is also the person through whom I found the FIU gang, and his mother is a frequent visitor here now, as well! Hi, Zsa Zsa --- all the best to you and to Will!

  • Hoodlumman (TX)

    File It Under...

  • Hoodlumman is another frequent visitor, commenter, linker, captions player extraordinaire and e-mailer who, along with his co-bloggers at that most-excellent mix of politics and humor known as File it Under..., is responsible for creating the every-other-weekly "Carnival of Crazy" where our satire pieces and some other suggestions are often included. He also took part in the "Blogoweeniversary" Party and he most recently designed a couple of very nice linking buttons for our captions players, too! Thanks, Hood!



  • One of the first true regular readers and commenters here at The Right Place, Dave once lived here in Illinois earlier in his life before migrating westward to California. He has a wonderful blog of his own and is another regular captions player with some keen talent.

  • Buckley F. Williams

    The Nose on Your Face


  • Buckley F. Williams is a comedic genius and a wonderful captions player. A frequent e-mail contact and linker, he was another of the culprits behind the very fun "Blogoweeniversary" Party here last year. His blog is often one of the funniest things you will read on any given day!

    Frequent Flyers Club

  • The Anchoress

    The Anchoress

  • Has linked numerous times and is a very, very sweet lady with a tremendous blog!

  • Charles Austin (IL)

    Sine Qua Non Pundit

  • This frequent captions player now often features a contest of his own. Are you playing in it yet?

  • Basil (AL)

    Basil's Blog

    It's a Pundit

    Pyjamas Media

    The Alliance

  • An all-around good guy who has linked numerous times. Basil has done quite a bit for the blogosphere as a whole, especially his frequent blogging tips both at his own blog and The Alliance.

  • Bohemianlikeyou

    Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan?

  • Captions player who credited our contest as the inspiration for a "headlines" contest of his own in which he gave away an ipod!

  • Bruce & Ferdy (IL)

    The Conservative Cat

  • A fellow Illinois native, frequent commenter and linker, Ferdinand T. Cat is the smartest feline on the World Wide Web! He and his human pet, Bruce, made a major contribution to the blogosphere through their highly innovative and convenient carnival submission form, which is a Godsend for any blogger who regularly participates in or hosts blogging carnivals!

  • Bullwinkle (Mexico; TX expat)

    The Bullwinkle Blog

    Random Numbers

  • Bullwinkle is one of our many fine captions players and hosts one of his own weekly caption contests at Random Numbers, where Mr. Right has enjoyed frequent success!

  • Chris (NM)

    Lucky Dawg News

  • Chris has become a weekly linker to our caption contests and has contributed many very funny photoshops to them. His blog is not only a great source for right-wing politics, but NASCAR news, too! Thank you, sir!

  • CJ [aka Capitalist Infidel & Rumplemintz] (NC)

    VRWC #1 Member

    The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy

  • A regular visitor in the early days, CJ used to live just up the road from me before a recent move to a redder state. I also became acquainted with him long ago on the threads of PoliPundit and Jayson Javitz's now defunct Political Vice Squad as well as through his own blog.

  • Damian G. (NY)


  • A regular captioner with a frequently humorous blog of his own, who has linked here a couple of times also.

  • Dr. Phat Tony (AL)

    Dr. Phat Tony's

  • Another regular captions player famous for his "Ask Dr. Phat Tony" sessions at his eponymous homebase.

  • Gateway Pundit (MO)

    Gateway Pundit

  • A brilliant blogger with great material you just can't find anywhere else all over his blog, he has graciously linked here a number of times.

  • Howie

    Howie's Moisture Farm

    The Jawa Report

  • Howie is regular contributor at The Jawa Report who has linked to us there on numerous occasions. He now also has his own blog, as well.

  • I. Ronnie (NC)

    Now That's Ironic

  • Another captions ace and photoshopper. Unfortunately, he blogs only infrequently.

  • Jake Jacobsen (IL)

    Freedom Folks

  • Frequent linker and commenter who also hails from my home state of Illinois.

  • Jayson Javitz (CA)


  • Another early inspiration, Jayson is an indispensable source of information at PoliPundit. His own defunct blog, Political Vice Squad, is sorely missed!

  • Jeanette (SC)

    Oh How I Love Jesus

  • A very kind lady whom I got to know pretty well on the PoliPundit threads, Jeanette has linked, commented and played in the captions games a few times, too. She was also a contributor to our "Blogoweeniversary" event last October.

  • JimmyB (OH)

    The Conservative UAW Guy


  • A frequent captions player and commenter, who is a bold defender of the Second Ammendment.

  • John, the Armorer (US Army, ret.)


  • A milblogger who links regularly to both our caption contests and satire posts, John's blog is for those who like a military perspective with a lot of fun mixed in!

  • Kimsch (IL)

    Musing Minds

  • Another fellow Illinois resident, I got to know Kimsch on the PoliPundit threads. She visits regularly and participated quite prolifically in the "Blogoweeniversary" festivities last year! Be sure to check out her recently upgraded blog!

  • Stew Magoo (GA)

    Get Stewed

  • Another long time regular who plays in our caption contests, comments and even played along on our "Blogoweeniversary". Thank you, sir! Stew loves sheepdogs and hates telemarketers and recently took on a new blogging partner!

  • The Man (NY)

    GOP and the City


  • "The Man" is a frequent and talented caption contest player who hosts a photo contest of his own on his excellent humor-heavy blog. He is also one of the primary forces behind the "Blogs 4 Bauer" fansite for 24 enthusiasts, to which a number of our other FFC members also contribute! He also just happens to be the brother of one of our newest inductees, GOP and College.

  • Rick Moran (IL)

    Right Wing Nut House


  • A fellow Bears and White Sox fan from the Chicago area who links all the time via his wonderful "Carnival of the Clueless" feature, Rick is one the best reads in the whole of the blogosphere! A long time 24 fanatic, he recently joined up with the Blogs4Bauer crew, too!

  • Mr. Snitch (NJ)

    Mister Snitch!

  • A regular captioner who has linked a couple of times, he often has very well researched and thought provoking posts about bloggers and blogging over at his self-titled online homesite!

  • Kitty Myers (NY)

    Kitty Litter

    Lifelike Pundits

  • A long time colleague of Pat Curley and the newly enshrined Pam Meister at Lifelike Pundits, Kitty has linked to us numerous times and was another of the "Blogoweeniversary" participants from this past year!

  • Betsy Newmark (NC)

    Betsy's Page

  • Another blogging powerhouse, she has linked here a few times, including on at least two occasions from Michelle Malkin's blog when she was guest-posting there! Wow! I am ever-so-grateful!

  • Newton (TX)

    Oh How I Love Jesus

  • Another of my PoliPundit friends who blogs along with Jeanette at the Christian blog, Oh How I Love Jesus.

  • Omnibus Driver (IL)

    Leslie's Omnibus

  • Another area blogger who visits regularly and even invited me to a blogging meet (that I unfortunately couldn't make it to --- this time).

  • Pluto's Dad (IL)

    Eyes on the Ball News

  • Yet another Illinois blogger, Pluto's Dad runs a satirical news site and has played in a number of our photo caption contests.

  • Mark A. Rayner (Ontario)

    The Skwib

  • A regular linker through his weekly "Carnival of Satire" feature, Mark's blog is home to many regular satire posts of its own.

  • Rob B. (TX)

    File It Under...

  • Another fine member of the FIU staff who has contributed to our photo caption contests on several occasions, Rob works in the EEEEVIL oil industry and is the beloved leader of the Neocon Revolution at FIU, which has already survived an onslaught from the "pink menace"!

  • John Ruberry (IL)

    Marathon Pundit

    Illinois Marathon Pundit

    Mobile Marathon Pundit


  • Another of the blogosphere's absolute finest, John hails from Illinois and has commented, linked and e-mailed frequently. He is also a fine captions player and another of the culprits behind our "Blogoweeniversary". His blog is a must read with frequent info on the antics of Cindy Sheehan, Fred Phelps and Ward Churchill (among many others) as well as insight into Illinois politics and liberal monkey business at Illinois colleges. He is frequently featured by Chicago newspaper columnist and blogger Eric Zorn and is also a great running enthusiast who once caught John Kerry in a lie about running in a marathon!

  • Dr. Pat Santy (MI)

    Dr. Sanity

  • A real-life psychologist, Dr. Pat links regularly with her always wonderful "Carnival of the Insanities".

  • Dr. Rusty Shackleford

    The Jawa Report

  • Another one of the blogosphere's best who actually helped put a terrorist behind bars with his blog, Dr. Rusty has linked here a number of times!

  • Chris Short (USAF) (FL)

    Conservative Thinking

    The Jawa Report


    Our Life

  • Chris is a prolific blogger and has played in our caption contests a number of times.

  • Headmistress SondraK

    Knowledge Is Power

  • The great exhalted Headmistress, who minces no words on her blog (which is not for the faint-of-heart), has sent numerous KIP-lanches our way, for which we are eternally grateful!

  • Spacemonkey (AL)

    The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles


  • Spacemonkey was a favorite of mine over at IMAO even before he started showing up to play in our caption contests here on a regular basis. I am truly honored by his presence and the sidebar quote he e-mailed me awhile back!

  • Don Surber (WV)

    Don Surber

    It's a Pundit

  • Don has linked here a number of times both from his own blog and from It's a Pundit. Thank you, sir.

  • V the K (MD)

    Caption This!


    Reactionary Parrot

    What a Long Strange Trip This Will Be

  • V the K (Viking the Kitten) is a captioning genius who has been a force to contend with in our caption contests for quite awhile now... and no wonder! After all, his own blog, which has become a frequent hangout for me, is all about funny photo captions! It's also where I first ran into Son of the Godfather, another of our new inductees. "V" also dabbles in sci-fi writing, which you can check out at another of his websites, What a Long Strange Trip This Will Be!

  • Windhamite (OH)

    The Windhamite

  • Windhamite is a another frequent, and quite good, captions player with a great blog.

    Inactive, but not forgotten...

  • Oregano

    Cafe Oregano

  • Before closing his cafe last year due to a lack of time for blogging, Oregano frequently linked to us, especially our caption contests. His old blog site is now a photographic tribute to his pending nuptials. Congratulations!

  • Charly Goehring (CA)

    Reformed Politics

  • An all around great guy, the artist formerly known as "CharlyG" can still be found hanging around the threads of PoliPundit under the moniker of "lyricman", where he enjoys posting song lyrics, often as somewhat subtle and frequently funny jabs at trolls!

  • MN Blogger (MN)

    MN Blogger

  • A frequent commenter, linker and e-mailer who vanished from the blogosphere in early January, saying he was simply too busy with work, but also that he may return at a later date.


    Previous Frequent Flyers Club Posts:

    FFC I
    FFC II


    UPDATE 3/15:

    The newly inducted GOP and College has designed and displayed this wonderful blogger button in his blog's margin, and has graciously consented to make it available to anyone else who may wish to use it!

    Code for installing the above FFC blogger button on your own blog...

    [p][a href="http://intherightplace.blogspot.com/"][img src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1105/630/400/FrequentFlyer.jpg" border="0" alt="I am a Frequent Flyers Club Member at The Right Place!" /][/a][/p]

    Replace each "[" with "<" and each "]" with ">". The result is this...

    I am a Frequent Flyers Club Member at The Right Place!

    Thank you, GOPAC! You truly rock!


    Thanks for the links!

    The Anchoress
    The Paladin Blog
    The Real Ugly American
    Musing Minds
    David Drake
    The Texas Songbird

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