Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'll Never Live In Vermont

I know that for a fact. Despite the great skiing, picturesque mountains and winding backcountry roads the state is home to some of the most incomprehensible politicians. More of them are speaking up.

RANDOLPH, Vt. — The Democratic State Committee on Saturday voted to urge the U.S. Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush, but decided against asking the Vermont Legislature to join that call.

Margaret Lucenti, a committee member from Montpelier, said the president had misled the country into war, conducted illegal electronic spying on Americans and violated international torture treaties.

"I would hope that any one of these infractions would bring the administration down... We need to restore accountability in our federal government," she said.

Adoption of the resolution calling for impeachment proceedings makes Vermont's the fifth state Democratic party committee to take such action, following New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina and Wisconsin, state party officials said.

Let's not go into the "illegal electronic spying on Americans" that even the FISA court judges say is legal. Let's also not get into whether the President "misled the country" into war. I'll save you time - he didn't. The torture question remains open only depending on a) what activities you consider torture, b) whether ununiformed terrorists are covered under such treaties and c) whether any of the activities thus far uncovered (e.g., Abu Ghraib) were actually ordered by the Administration. Let's also dispense with the question of whether that last point - which is really the only open one - is an impeachable offense, given that the motivation is national security. The heck with all that - let's just impeach the guy.

Ah, Vermont.

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