Monday, April 03, 2006

Something Good Keeps on Getting Better...

As many of you know by now, both Stephen Johnson and myself got our start as frequent commenters at PoliPundit, where we had the good fortune to get to know many other fine people, including others who took up blogging on their own.

Even though I have lapsed in my commenting at PoliPundit lately, I still have a warm place in my heart for all of the old regulars I got to know over there. One of those fine folks was Jeanette of the Christian blog Oh, How I Love Jesus. Jeanette has commented here, linked numerous times, and was even kind enough to participate in our Blogoweeniversary event last year.

Quite awhile back, she was joined at her blog by another PoliPundit comment thread regular, newton. Now, she and newton are undergoing a new expansion, adding not one, not two, but three more veteran PoliPundit commenters: COGirl, Kathy and INC! Be sure to check out the newly expanded blog and wish all of these fine ladies well, just be certain to mind your manners while you are over there: Say please and thank you; sit up straight; don't track any mud all over the clean floors; and don't use any language you wouldn't use in front of your mom or your grandmother. Oh... and tell 'em all Mr. Right said "hi"!

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