Saturday, August 05, 2006

Overdue Linkage...

Some interesting things from earlier this week I meant to link to, but got lost due to computer problems and a time crunch...

A new initiative has been formed by some excellent right-leaning bloggers to combat the loony left and support key Republican candidates in very important and close races nationwide: Rightroots. One of the key players in this effort is the Great Lorie Byrd who blogs about the new project over at Wizbang! Please check it out and contribute if you can, and if you blog, give 'em a link! Thanks!

Harvey of IMAO fame linked to an old article of Stephen Johnson's as part of a precision guided humor assignment piece he did earlier this week. Check it out, it's pretty funny! He crossposted it, of course, at IMAO, too. Thanks for all the extra hits this week, Harvey!

Finally, if you are looking for another good political song parody, I've got one for you: Molten Thought presents Stand by Iran [hat-tip: Pat Curley.]

I hope to get to some long overdue things around here later this week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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