Friday, September 16, 2005

Frequent Flyer (S)Miles

Okay, so I've been toying with the blogroll again. It's getting to be like a bad habit, but I just can't seem to stop fidgeting with it. Not that anybody really notices...

In recognition of those of you with blogs of your own whom I have noticed hanging out around here regularly, or who have been so kind as to link to me on numerous occasions, I have started the "Frequent Flyers Club."

Membership has its perks, insomuch as you get bumped to the top of my blogroll and highlighted with bold print, not to mention a link-loaded write up below. Maybe it will even get you a few hits. Heck, it might be nice if some of you checked each other out, you might like what you see.

The charter members of the Frequent Flyers Club are as follows:

The Anchoress, who has linked a few times and commented on a couple of occasions as well. Thank you, dear lady!

Anna (aka Anon) from A Rose by Any Other Name has become a frequent visitor and commenter here. Thank you!

charles austin of Sine Qua Non Pundit is a quick-witted captions regular. Thanks!

Basil from Basil's Blog has invited us to a few lovely meals over the last several months. Thanks, Basil!

bohemian like you of Where Have You Gone, Ronald Reagan? can be found frequenting the comments and photo caption contests. He even credited us with inspiring a contest he ran where he gave away an iPod Shuffle as first prize! Thanks for your patronage!

Bruce the Human Pet at The Conservative Cat frequently adds material from this blog to his daily "Funny Stuff" round-ups. Thank you!

Lorie Byrd at Byrd Droppings and PoliPundit, easily one of the world's greatest people, whose constant generosity in linking here made this blog what it is! Lorie, I cannot thank you enough!

CharlyG from Reformed Politics is a good buddy to both Stephen and myself from the PoliPundit threads who knows his way around all manner of music lyrics. Great guy!

Chris at Lucky Dawg News who has contributed photoshops to the last several caption contests and links to said contests on a regular basis. Thanks, Chris!

Pat Curley at Brainster's Blog, who is one of the nicest guys in the world and about whom we cannot say enough good things! Pat is easily our most frequent linker and even gave us not just one, but two links from Ankle Biting Pundits while he was guest blogging there! Wow! Besides that, Pat was the first blogger ever to put us on his blogroll! Thanks so much, Pat!

Rodney Dill from Outside the Beltway, a photo captions ace who links our contest every week with the "OTB Caption Jam." Thank you, big guy! Be sure to play Rodney's own caption contests (two per week) at OTB, too!

Dr. Phat Tony, another of our many photo contest regulars. Thank you!

Will Franklin of WILLisms has certfied this blog "classy" several times through his "Carnival of Classiness." Will is also a frequent caption contest specialist who runs a pretty cool weekly caption contest of his own, and is an all around great guy, who ought to know a thing or two about "classy," 'cause let me tell ya, my good man, "classy" is what you are! Will also sends our good friend Zsa Zsa over to play here all the time, so I want to send a special shout out to her here, too! Thank you both!

Giacomo at Joust the Facts, who I've been noticing around here frequently lately. He has linked a couple times and is now playing along with our caption contests as well. Thank you and welcome!

Hoodlumman & Rob B. from File It Under..., who hang around regularly (esp. "Hood"), leaving nuggets of wisdom in the comments sections, contributing great material to the photo contests and who also link to me frequently via "The Carnival of Crazy," published every other week. Be certain to check it out! And thanks!

I. Ronnie at Now That's Ironic is another one of our best photo caption players. Thank you!

Jeanette & newton from Oh How I Love Jesus, each of whom both Stephen and I have gotten to know quite well on the threads at PoliPundit and who visit here often. Thank you, dear ladies!

jimmy b from The Conservative UAW Guy, who has commented a number of times and also contributes regularly to the caption contests. Thanks!

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House has sent a load of traffic our way by featuring us regularly in his "Carnival of the Clueless." Thanks, Rick!

Kitty Myers of Kitty Litter and Lifelike Pundits (which also features Pat Curley) has made us a semi-regular stop on her "Interblogatory Travels" and linked here numerous times from Lifelike. Thanks, Kitty!

Betsy Newmark at Betsy's Page, who has linked a few times, including a very nice Michelle Malkin link while she was guest blogging there! Thank you, Betsy! You are a doll!

Oregano at Cafe Oregano, who has been nice enough to add our caption contests to his weekly "Carnival of the Caption Contests" feature and has also linked to some other stuff here. Thanks!

John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit is a long-suffering Chicago White Sox fan (just like Mr. Right) and has linked and commented here a few times. Thank you, sir!

Dr. Pat Santy from Dr. Sanity, who has made this blog a regular feature in her "Carnival of the Insanities." Thank you!

Dr. Rusty Shackleford & Howie from The Jawa Report, both of whom have linked multiple times. Thanks, fellas!

Chris Short from Conservative Thinking, a regular photo caption contributer. Thank you!

spacemonkey from The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles and, of course, IMAO, who is another photo contest ace. Thanks, dude!

Stew from Get Stewed is here so often, I ought to be charging him rent! Just kidding, buddy. Thanks for dropping by so often, commenting and playing the caption contests!

Don Surber has linked us quite a few times and has commented here as well. Thanks!

THIRDWAVEDAVE comes here so often, I'm thinking of offering a twelve step program on Right Place addiction in his name. Seriously, thank you, Dave, for all the visits, comments and captions!

Last, but by no means least, Buckley F. Williams from The Nose on Your Face, who can be found here frequently - commenting and cracking us all up with his photo caption genius. He, too, has linked more than once. Thanks, Buckley!

If I have missed anyone, I apologize. Trust me, if you are a regular who leaves some sort of bread-crumb trail (trackbacks, comments, e-mails), I will eventually notice you, too. Please feel free to leave a comment in this post as it is never too early to start catching my eye for the next time around!

By the way, anyone out there who has me on their blogroll and I have not yet reciprocated, please let me know! If you were a member of my "Filthy Little Link Whores Club," don't panic! While that section has now been removed, I promoted you to a new place on my blogroll!

Thank you all for visiting The Right Place! Please fly with us again. Buh-bye, now!


Thanks for the links!

Howie at The Jawa Report
Stew Magoo at Get Stewed

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