Friday, September 09, 2005

Caption This! Winners [You're Al I Ever Wanted Edition]

Announcing the winners of the eighth ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated!

Presenting the top ten captions for this picture [AP Photo/LM Otero via Yahoo!]...

#10: "Al, you're stepping on my feet!"


#9: Drunk on love and passionate in their hatred for Israel, the two young lovers swooned and danced and flirted and embraced not awkwardly at all.

Will Franklin

#8: "With the power vested in me, I pronounce us Man and Wife... now kiss me, you Bush-hatin' thing, you!"


#7: Cindy: "Al, that's NOT my belly button!"
Al: "Cindy, that's NOT my finger!!!!"

Bill W.

#6: "Oh, Lando, it's just awful what they did to Han, but I feel so safe with you!"

Buckley F. Williams

#5: For a moment, the two of them believed that the "Vulcan Mind Meld" might actually work. It was at this moment that they realized they had nothing. Damn that Spock, he made it look so easy!

Rob B.

#4: In a surprising announcement, ABC introduces a seventh couple for the next installment of Dancing With the Stars.


#3: "Yes, that's right, in exchange for your immortal soul, I promise to give this hippie camp some actual legitimacy."


#2: The Reverend Al staring deeply into Cindy's eyes says, "Not since Tawana Brawley have I seen a more honest and sincere sister."


And the winning entry for this Caption Contest...

#1: The Reverend Al never fails to offer comfort to the "oppressed" when the television coverage is optimum.


BONUS: We hereby present another special "photo shop" division award to Chris...

Hmmm... I wonder if Morgan Freeman ever got Jessica Tandy's motor up to 110 mph?

Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!


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