Monday, September 12, 2005

New Orleans Rhapsody

[Sung to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody]

Time for more left wing
Paranoid fantasy,
Caught in the flood tide,
Out of touch with reality,
They spin their lies,
They just criticize and seethe,
"Hicks from those red states, show them no sympathy!"
"Because they're filthy scum, we all know!"
"Hit 'em high, hit 'em low!"
They can't shut their blow-holes,
They've got Bush Derangement you see, you see

Dubya's, the one they blame,
They're all calling for his head,
"There's 10,000 people dead!"
Dubya, Schumer's raising funds,
And Landrieu's gonna punch you in the nose!
Dubya, ooo
Nagin let the buses drown,
And Blanco barred the Red Cross from New Orleans,
But to Dems, but to Dems, the facts never seem to matter

Look out, the storm has come,
It's a category five,
Need big-screen TV's to survive!
Goodbye, everybody - you've got to go,
Better leave that loot behind and save your tush!
Dubya, ooo (Hurricane force winds blow)
"Kyoto went unsigned!"
"It's all his fault the levees weren't improved!"

[Guitar solo]

"I see a little Chimpbushitler of a man!"
"Dubya Bush! Dubya Bush! Sole cause of global warming!"
"FBI hunts Nagin!" "Cannibals crave Cajun meat!"
Media drones, (Media drones)
Media drones, (Media drones)
Media drones, inundate the Superdome!

"They're just the black folks, Bush never loved them!"
"They're just the poor folks, come from poor families -
Bush wants them dead, he's a monster you see!"
Sean Penn's got a boat, cannot make it float!
Not Nagin! No - It's Bush's fault you know - not Blanco
Not Nagin! It's Bush's fault you know - not Blanco
Not Nagin! It's Bush's fault you know - not Blanco
Bush's fault you know - not Blanco (Never, never, never)
Bush's fault you know - not Blanco-o-o-o-o
No, no, no, no, no, no, no -
"Oh, Where's FEMA? Where's FEMA?"
"Where's FEMA? Where'd they go?"
"George Dubya Bush bombed the levees and let in the sea!"
"The sea!"
"The sea!"

[Begin Wayne's World head bang...]

So you think you can snow me with all of your lies?
You're all so full, there's brown in the whites of your eyes!
You're crazy - can't believe you're this crazy!
Just cut it out - just cut it right out, ya hear!

(Too bad, so sad...)

None of this stuff matters,
Anyone can see,
No time for the blame game - while we've still got people in need

Time to shut your blow-holes...



I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment out of your busy day and give what you can to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. You'll feel good about yourself and you'll know that you did something to help those who really need it. God bless you.

Catholic Charities
The American Red Cross
The Salvation Army

More Charities Listed Here


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