Friday, September 30, 2005

Captions Outrageous! [Huggermugger Edition]

The above photo comes to us from REUTERS/Jim Bourg via Yahoo!

This contest will last approximately one week.

Good luck!


Oh, Thank Heaven for 7/11 Edition
Fickle Finger of Fate Edition
Things Are Looking Up Edition
Rage in the Cage Edition
Not So Mellow Fellow in Yellow Edition
The Beards and the Beads Edition
Weapons of Mash Destruction Edition
You're Al I Ever Wanted Edition
His Cup Runneth Over Edition
The Eyes Have It Edition
Jeepers Veepers Edition


I not only like to host photo caption contests, I like to play them, too! Be certain to check out the latest contests from these great folks...

Rodney Dill at Outside the Beltway gives us the Wookiee of the Year...
Will Franklin at WILLisms has a Bush in the hand...
Bullwinkle at Random Numbers might just be preggers...
The Man at GOP and the City gives us all the finger...

And while you're at it, check out the personal hot streak of your humble host, all within the last week...

Third Place: Random Numbers. I'm udderly overwhelmed.
Third Place: Outside the Beltway. No recount necessary.
Second Place: Random Numbers. I didn't even have to beg.
Second Place: Outside the Beltway. This one got me over the hump.
First Place: GOP and the City. Anyone for a dip?

Thank you, one and and all!


This photo caption contest is proudly featured in:

OTB Caption Jam at Outside the Beltway

Thanks for the links!

Chris at Lucky Dawg News
[FOR THE GUYS - Dave has a GREAT photo up himself, but be warned, it is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)!]


UPDATE 10/7:

This contest is now closed...


New contest is HERE!

Thank you all for playing!

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