Thursday, January 12, 2006

Satire: Top Five Follow-up Questions Sen. Schumer will ask Judge Alito

Senator Schumer's planned follow-up questions after his piercing questioning of Judge Alito on Tuesday:
  • 5: In reading your opinions, Judge Alito, it seems that you feel - and I can't quite understand why - that there are three relatively equal branches of government, set up for a sort of "checks and balances, as it were. Is there something in the reading of the Constitution that leads you to believe that this should be the case, given the transient nature of the Executive Branch, the inability to act unless called upon of the Judiciary, as opposed to the steady consistency, superior intellect and omnipotence of the Legislative?
  • 4. Again, I'm not sure I understand your argument here, but is there some evidence that you can point to in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights that suggests the federal government should simply not rule supreme over the so-called "states," and assert control in whatever area it feels necessary?
  • 3. Given our superior intellect and omnipotence as Legislators, as I've already established, we have often chosen to restrict access to guns in the community, and yet courts have, at times, such as in Lopez, disagreed with us and rescinded those restrictions. Can you identify anything in any public document that might support such a brazen affront to legislative supremacy? Why can't we just take all the guns away? Are you that against public safety? What about the children?
  • 2. Did, in your opinion, the Eighteenth Amendment lead directly to the Great Depression, since it was ratified in 1919 and the Depression occurred just 10 short year later? I know I'd be depressed if I coudn't get a drink.
  • 1. What do you mean, abortion isn't mentioned in the Constitution? How about the Bill of Rights? The other Amendments? I was sure I read it there somewhere. Where's my research team?

References: The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Amendments to the Constitution


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