Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Walks Down Stairs Alone or in Pairs...

...It's linkies, it's linkies! For fun it's a wonderful toy...

Our very own Anna has a great post about the ACLU's anti-NSA lawsuit at A Rose by Any Other Name.

Our very own T.M. Ergin has been busy blogging in his Giacomo costume at Joust the Facts. Watch him completely tear the New York Times a new one for their creative use of language in their latest Bush bashing attempt!


CARNIVAL OF THE CLUELESS #29 at Right Wing Nut House is finally up!

Mister Snitch has a very insightful article on the possible future of blogging. (Be sure to read the conversation taking place in the comments section, too!)

David Drake offers up some Al Gore soundbytes you may have missed.

Lyn Perry has entered the photo caption contest fray.

Attention Blogosphere: Allah is back!

Howie of Jawa Report fame has recently launched his own blog.

Buckley is on fire! I can't pick just one to link to, so just go on over and keep scrolling!

Brainster is "fisking" another victim of BDS.

Lorie Byrd got through to the Rush Limbaugh show today and got a question on the air with guest host Paul W. Smith and author Kenneth Timmerman about the differences between the intelligence situation in pre-war Iraq and present day Iran. She blogs about it here.

John Ruberry, who recently got himself a mention in the New York Times (congratulations... I think), shares the story of a man who really, really needed a name change!

Or you could check out the latest in Hurricane Katrina fashion, straight from Bourbon Street, courtesy of FIU!


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