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Captions Outrageous! Winners [Shadow of His Former Self Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 25th ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated!

Presenting the top twenty (plus) captions for this picture from AP Photo/Lisa Kyle via Yahoo!

BONUS! From the "How on Earth Could Everyone Have Missed This One?" Dept.:

Congressman Murtha, having just emerged from his burrow, spots his shadow... meaning three more years of Democrats whining about President Bush!

Mr. Right

BONUS! A musical interlude...

"Just me... and my sha - dow.
Strollin' down Pennsylvania Avenue.
Just me... and my sha - dow.
Tryin' to make Bush feel blue."

T.M. [aka Giacomo]

"Baby, you do it right;
Give me more, drag me across the floor;
Shadow dancin'"

V the K

"Little bunny Fru-Fru,
Hoppin' through the forest.
Surrenderin' to the field mice,
Then goin' back to bed."


"Ok, boys, 'Sweet Surrender' on the count of three. And a-one and a-two and a . . . "

D. Carter

Now, on with countdown...

#20: It is either a turkey with osteoporosis, OR... an old goat with a slump or a hump???...

Zsa Zsa

#19: Evidence that, despite claims to the contrary, Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA) really does love the spotlight.

T.M. [aka Giacomo]

#18: "It's not a duck, people, it's a chicken!"


#17: "...And this one's a duck. And this one's a snake. And this one takes lots and lots of practice: a yellow-bellied, lily-livered..."


#16: "...And if you make your hand tremble just a little like this, the shadow looks just like Jacques Chirac!"


#15: "Even Kermit the Frog thinks Iraq is a quagmire, see?"

Rodney Dill

#14: Even Murtha's shadow tried to distance himself from the Senator's stance.

Rodney Dill

#13: The authenticity of this photograph has been called into question for two incontestible postulations:
1) The spuriousness of the shadow; and
2) The fact that Mr. Murtha appears to be immobile rather than in retreat.

I. Ronnie

#12: "We have to get our troops out now! And you don't even have to take my word for it -- just ask Mr. Hand, he thinks so too!"


#11: Moments later, Congressman Murtha's shadow stomped out of the room in disgust.

D. Carter

#10: "And my next shadow puppet is a white rabbit... Just kidding, President Carter... sit back down!"

the man

#9: "You guys are not following my direction! This is means crescendo, not dolce! I swear this is the last time I work with the Boston Pops!"

Dr. Phat Tony

#8: Despite his incomprehensible call for America to surrender to the terrorists, Democrats felt Rep. Murtha cast a large shadow on the Iraq War debate.

T.M. [aka Giacomo]

#7: "How dare you question my patriotism? This shadow served in Vietnam! In fact, John Kerry once rescued this shadow from the waters of Cambodia! On Christmas Day!"


#6: Profiles in pusillanimity.

D. Carter

#5: "...And when Dubya said there was a shadow government, this is exactly what he meant!"

Rodney Dill

#4: Hold on... I know this one... it's a coward talking to SeƱor Wences!

Laurence Simon

#3: "Maybe I can make my geopolitical theories easier for you people to understand by employing the services of my little shadow puppet friend, Quisling, the Surrender Duck."

D. Carter

#2: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Democrats? The Shadow knows...


And the winning entry for this Caption Contest...

#1: "Stop questioning the shadow's patriotism!"

charles austin


This week, a first --- not one... not two... but three - count 'em three - photoshop submissions!

From Rodney Dill...

"Yes I would withdraw from Iraq if I were President Bush, and no I've never heard the story of Dionysius and Damocles."


From I. Ronnie...


From Chris...

Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!


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