Monday, January 09, 2006

Share the Love

I received an email this evening with a request to let people know about this wonderful opportunity! It is a program to send Valentine cards to the troops! Now I realize that Valentine's Day is at least 5 weeks away, but with all things military post, it's best to be early!

So, it you would like to send a Valentine wish to a special soldier you can do so using this link:

Visit Operation: A Bit of Home, and click on the big red heart. We will send a valentine to a soldier in your name with your Valentines message. We are fundraising to send more boxes to the Freedom Rest R&R Facility in Iraq. Valentines are $1.00, but you can give more!
There is more to Operation: A Bit Of Home than just Valentines. Here is more about this program and what they are doing for our men and women in uniform serving in Iraq.
Our Troops In Iraq Need Your Help......
Send them "A Bit of Home"
Imagine being thousands of miles away from anything familiar... wearing full battle gear in incredible 140 degree heat, no family, no TV, nothing to remind you of home..... Or think about not being able to sleep in your own safe bed, instead, there are deadly bombs and mortars going off just yards away...

This a normal occurrence for our American Soldiers in Iraq

Operation: A Bit of Home is an organization founded in Rolesville NC, and has spread from the East Coast to the West Coast. Operation: A Bit of Home sends needed items to a Rest and Relaxation facility called "Freedom Rest ". Located in central Baghdad, the facility services approximately 150 different soldiers every day. The three day retreat is arranged for soldiers who have been in combat, on convoy duty, and under fire. It helps them to relax and recuperate in a safe resort-like atmosphere. While at Freedom Rest, soldiers receive high quality treatment and have access to clean linens, real beds, swimming pools, entertainment, movies, good food, and sports like basketball, football. This is very important to the well being of the soldiers mental, physical, and emotional needs. We also provide hygiene items to Forward Operating Bases, Called FOB's where soldiers frequently have to stay for the night unexpectedly, and have little or no access to any hygiene supplies. They are lucky just to get a cot!

These facilities' needs are not supplied by the government, but by normal folks like us. They aren't supplied with soap, shampoo, deodorant or feminine products, books, movies, or entertainment items; thats where Operation: A Bit of Home comes into action.

Operation: A Bit of Home sends several boxes of needed goods to our soldiers every day. Not only is postage expensive but gathering and boxing supplies is time consuming. That is why help is needed in so many ways. We can help you get started collecting and shipping your own items to the troops! Just e-mail us and ask! We can provide special mailing labels, certificates of appreciation, and great advice! Our supplies are used by troops at Freedom Rest, FOB's and are also taken by departing troops and spread to other soldiers in every corner of Iraq.

So check out the site and if you've wanted to show your support for the troops but you weren't sure how...well, this is a really great way to do it!

(Don't forget Adopt-A-Platoon and Soldiers' Angels, either!)

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