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[For those of you wondering where the heck I have been recently...]

Oink, oink, my beloved CAP-HOG's!

Having been 10 weeks and 10 contests since we last published the all-time standings for those of you who like to particpate in our weekly photo caption contests, I felt it was time to buckle down and update the list.

I have initiated some changes in the scoring since the last list was posted. I wanted to find a way to recognize those who have contributed some of the hilarious photoshops as well as all of our regulars who come back week after week, even though they may not often land among the winners' lists.

I struggled long and hard to come up with what I felt was a fair way of awarding points, and what I came up with is as follows:

The points values for 1st thru 5th place captions will remain unchanged...

1st Place = 10 pts
2nd Place = 7 pts
3rd Place = 5 pts
4th or 5th Place = 3 pts

However, with an increase in participation and entries per player and, therefore, longer winners' lists each week, I have added a point to each 6th thru 10th place finish...

6th Place thru 10th Place = 2 pts

All finishes from 11th on back and the various bonus awards or special mentions handed out remain worth 1 point each...

11th Place or Lower = 1 pt
Bonus Award or Special Mention = 1 pt

[Note: My own captions or captions mentioned from other contests but not submitted to this one are not awarded any points.]

The major change is for photoshops. It was difficult to come up with a fair method of scoring them, as they are often very creative and can be quite time-consuming, but there is no real competition for photoshops where they are pitted against one another. What I decided to do was to make each photoshop that gets pasted in any of the "winners" posts here on this blog worth 5 points each, which is half as much as a first place caption and equal to a third place caption. Photoshops (or mini-movies) posted elsewhere but linked to in the "winners" posts were treated the same as bonus awards and given one point apiece. Now, Chris can take his rightful place among our Elite Circle, where he belongs, and others who have submitted photoshops (I. Ronnie, Rodney Dill and Windhamite, so far) can have something to show for their efforts!

Photoshop Displayed = 5 pts
Photoshop or Other Creative Work Linked to = 1 pt

Finally, for those of you who keep coming back to play despite not being regularly rewarded, as some others are, with winning captions, I have begun to award participation points. How it works is this, every player, regardless of whether they make the winners' list or not, is given 1 credit for every contest they particpate in. It doesn't matter whether you have submitted 1 caption or 100, each week you play is worth 1 credit. Why not 1 for each caption? Because it would just cause people to enter any old thing that comes into their heads just to roll up points, which is not fair to anyone, especially me, who has to tabulate this stuff! Anyway, when you accrue 4 credits, you are rewarded 1 point. In other words, you now get 1 point for every 4 contests you play in, regardless of any other points you may or may not receive. Got it? Good...

Participation in 4 contests = 1 pt

All scoring changes are retroactive to the beginning of the contest. This made for a busy last couple of weeks for me, so I hope all of my hard work will not go unappreciated! For those of you wondering, yes I have copies of the comments left in all of the archived photo contests, including those lost to Haloscan purges. I attempted to double and triple check all of my work to make it as accurate as possible.

The toughest part came in discerning players who have used more than one ID or multiple people using alike ID's over the course of these contests. I used to be able to check e-mails, which I can no longer do for lost comments, so I had to rely on my memory to properly match participation points to the right people in a few cases. "DWC" was interpreted as "D. Carter", "Anon" as "Anna", "Pam" from Blogmeister USA was differentiated from the "Pam" in the very first contest, "serfer62" and "serfer" were treated as the same person, and the first "Greg" was credited for appearing in 4 early contests before vanishing with a second distinct "Greg" showing up much later on. If I have any of this wrong, feel free to help me correct the record.

As we go forward, it should be much easier to assemble future updates as long as I keep the same, or very similar, scoring standards. (Allelujah!)

In recognition of those who have played in the most contests, here is a list of our most ardent warriors through the first 30 contests, as well as all of the rest of you who have earned participation points --- a round of applause, please!

28 - Rodney Dill
23 - spacemonkey
20 - D. Carter; Hoodlumman
19 - Anna; Doc
18 - SJJ
17 - Maggie; V the K; Zsa Zsa
15 - Buckley F. Williams
14 - don; Dr. Phat Tony; I. Ronnie; Special Ed; Stew; the man; Will Franklin
13 - charles austin
12 - Windhamite
11 - Chris; John Ruberry
10 - MFG
9 - Bill W.; Damian G.; DaveD; jimmyb; McGehee; Steve O
8 - ILikeIke; Laurence Simon
7 - bullwinkle; McCain
6 - Chris Short; LongTabSigO; peter; Pluto's Dad; Rob B.; walrus
5 - Bob; Carl; Jeanette; Mister Snitch!; Songbird
4 - bohemianlikeyou; Brainster; COGirl; Dave E; Greg (1); joe-6-pack; opine6; Pam; serfer; Son of the Godfather

(By the way, if you are wondering why you, too, should be playing, keep this in mind: in addition to the "winners" posts and points being handed out, many of the listings on my blogroll have come from among the ranks of the caption contest particpants over the last 7 months, with regular players getting the "Frequent Flyers Club" treatment [i.e., top of the blogroll]. Besides, it's fun!)

Now, without further ado, The Right Place is proud to present, the third official listing of our infamous Captions Hall of Glory --- or CAP-HOG. Where do you rank?

NOTE: Tie-breaks were applied all the way down the list whenever needed and were as follows (in order):

Top Finish; Times at Top Finish; Second Highest Finish; Times at Second Highest Finish; Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times at Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times Charted; Times Participated; Week of Most Recent Participation.



  • 1) V the K (125 pts) 4x WINNER: Weeks 16, 17, 23, 30
    [17 Contests, 38 Times Charted, 14 Top Fives]


  • 2) D. Carter (110 pts) WINNER: Week 19
    [20 Contests, 33 Times Charted, 14 Top Fives]


  • 3) Rodney Dill (97 pts) 3x WINNER: Weeks 12, 14, 22
    [28 Contests, 27 Times Charted, 12 Top Fives, 1 Photoshop]

  • THE ELITE (The Rest of the Top 25)

  • 4) spacemonkey (55 pts) WINNER: Week 2
    [23 Contests, 19 Times Charted, 5 Top Fives]

  • 5) Chris (53 pts)
    [11 Contests, 1 Time Charted, 1 Top Five, 8 Photoshops]

  • 6) Buckley F. Williams (47 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 5, 26
    [15 Contests, 9 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives]

  • 7) Hoodlumman (46 pts) WINNER: Week 3
    [20 Contests, 14 Times Charted, 6 Top Fives]

  • 8) I. Ronnie (43 pts)
    [14 Contests, 10 Times Charted, 5 Top Fives, 2 Photoshops]

  • 9) Son of the Godfather (42 pts)
    [4 Contests, 16 Times Charted, 5 Top Fives]

  • 10) T.M. [aka Giacomo] (36 pts) WINNER: Week 29
    [16 Contests, 12 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives]

  • 11) don (35 pts) WINNER: Week 6
    [14 Contests, 10 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives]

  • 12) Special Ed (33 pts)
    [14 Contests, 10 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives]

  • 13) Windhamite (31 pts)
    [12 Contests, 6 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 1 Photoshop]

  • 14) charles austin (29 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 4, 25
    [13 Contests, 5 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives]

  • 15) the man (26 pts)
    [14 Contests, 7 Times Charted, 5 Top Fives]

  • 16) THIRDWAVEDAVE (25 pts) WINNER: Week 15
    [16 Contests, 6 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 17) John Ruberry [aka Marathon Pundit] (24 pts) WINNER: Week 27
    [11 Contests, 6 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives]

  • 18) Maggie (24 pts) WINNER: Week 8
    [17 Contests, 6 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 19) SJJ (23 pts) WINNER: Week 1
    [18 Contests, 6 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 20) Doc (23 pts)
    [19 Contests, 7 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 21) Dr. Phat Tony (22 pts) WINNER: Week 21
    [14 Contests, 5 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 22) WG (22 pts)
    [3 Contests, 4 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives]

  • 23) Steve O (22 pts)
    [9 Contests, 7 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives]

  • 24) Will Franklin (20 pts)
    [14 Contests, 9 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 25) Songbird (18 pts)
    [5 Contests, 8 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]


  • 26) Edward (17 pts) WINNER: Week 7

  • 27) Rob B. (16 pts) WINNER: Week 10

  • 28) Bill W. (16 pts) WINNER: Week 9

  • 29) bullwinkle (16 pts)

  • 30) Laurence Simon (16 pts)

  • 31) McGehee (16 pts)

  • 32) Damian G. (15 pts) WINNER: Week 20

  • 33) ILikeIke (15 pts) WINNER: Week 18

  • 34) Brainster (14 pts) WINNER: Week 13

  • 35) Mike (12 pts) WINNER: Week 11

  • 36) Anna (12 pts)

  • 37) JannyMae (11 pts) WINNER: Week 28

  • 38) eeoowww (10 pts) WINNER: Week 24

  • 39) peter (10 pts)

  • 40) MFG (10 pts)


    9 Points

    Gerry Owen

    7 Points

    Sean P
    Mister Snitch!
    Zsa Zsa

    5 Points

    Lorie Byrd
    Axel Kassel

    4 Points


    3 Points

    bill c
    Greg Toombs

    2 Points

    Stephen Johnson
    Walter Clark
    Ferdinand T. Cat
    John the Trog
    Tony M
    Emile Zola
    Dave Craddock

    1 Point

    Sgt Fluffy
    Greg Finnegan
    Chris Short
    Pluto's Dad
    Dave E
    Greg (1)

    Previous CAP-HOGery...

    Thru Contest #15
    Thru Contest #20

    [Next on the long-term to-do list, I think it might be about time for some more frequent flyer miles and that Anthology site, which still doesn't even show any of the fine work of Anna and T.M., is way overdue for an update. As time permits...]

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