Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Bingo! The Blogmeet scheduled for this weekend has a name-o...

"OGMEET" - in honor of Og the Neanderpundit, who started the ball rolling on this shindig!

Leslie of Leslie's Omnibus has taken care of many of the arrangements, and the details are now posted right here for all to see.

Og has arranged a trip to the shooting range on Saturday morning for those of you looking to shoot something off other than your mouths, and gives everyone the detailed rundown on that excursion here.

You may bother Leslie at Omnibus-dot-Driver-at-gmail-dot-com or Og at mhardig-at-aol-dot-com if you need any further information, as I am only an innocent bystander!

If you are hoping to meet me, I plan on being there sometime on Friday night at The Stonewood Ale House in Schaumburg with my lovely wife in tow. Leslie will be there wearing a Stetson, Og will not be able to make it due to his having oral surgery that day. I am not certain if I will make any of the other events this weekend at this stage of the game.

I hope to actually meet some of you there, though so far, I don't know too many of the players very well at all. Should be interesting, though, and I'll likely blog something about it when I get the chance! If you plan on showing up, let me know and I'll look for you there!

It's party time!!!

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