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Captions Outrageous! Winners [Out to Launch Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 52nd ever Right Place Photo Caption Contest!

Thank you to one and all who participated throughout all of our first season!

Presenting the top 30 captions for this picture from AFP/KCNA/File via Yahoo!

HONORABLE MENTION (And a life sentence in the gulags):

-- More "Chins" than his national phone book...


-- None of his aides dared mention that Kim Jong-Il could not do the Spock hand signal, as he exclaimed, "Rive Rong and Plosper" at the first NoKo Trekkie convention.


-- "I am... Captain CRAZY!!!!!!"


-- AT LEFT: Kim Jong-Il's little brother, Kim Jong-Not-Feeling-So-Good-Myself, models his famous collection of taxi cab medallions.

D. Carter

-- "Hi! I wanna give a shout-out to all my peeps in the gulags! You keep on slavin'!"

-- "You say famine, I say skinny..."

Damian G.

-- Two new animatronic characters have been added to Disneyland's "It's A Small World" attraction: Little Kimmy Crackpot and his sidekick, General Mayhem.

hatless in hattiesburg

-- ♫ "'C' is for cookie... that's good enough for me!"


-- No wonder Kim Jong-Il can't see the devistation he's wrought in North Korea. He's wearing rose-colored glasses.


-- "I'm so ronery."


-- After seeing this inspiring photo, Cindy Sheehan changes her one-way plane ticket from Venezuela to North Korea.


-- The crowd cheered every time they got Kim to say - "Nucrear Proriferation"

rodney dill

-- The Little General gives everyone the sign that it is now time to drink the Kool-Aid.


-- Kim celebrates his win at the annual Robot Dance-Off.


-- Kim "Elton" Jong-II accepts a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in not starting a nuclear war in the region.

-- Yo! Kim Jong-"Illin'" and "Major Props" prepare to drop some phresh rhymes on the peops...

Steve O

-- In a major fashion faux pas costing a handler his life, Kim showed up for the Axis of Evil summit in a simple tunic from the "Genocidal Dictator" line by Giorgio Armani with overstated and oversized "eye opener" shades from Louis Vuitton.


-- "Hellooooo! Over here! Still got nukes. Still shooting missles. Hello! Anyone? Hello?"

-- Gloria Vanderbilt lives!

-- "I'm open! Throw me the g*ddamn ball!"


THE TOP TEN (And a date with the firing squad):

#10: "Da plane, da plane!!!"

John Ruberry

#9: RUMSFELD (off camera): "Okay, who's next?"

Steve O

#8: "Dees new grasses make my missoos rook so big!"


#7: Who's that behind those Foster Grants?


#6: "They call them missiles because they all miss!"

radio free fred

#5: Kim Jong-Il's high fives were really low fives for everyone else.


#4: Kim Jong-Il's red right hand demonstrates that he has also recently launched the "Type-o-Dong 2 1/2."

Steve O

#3: Kim Jong-Il salutes the multitudes of cheering fans after his record 47 at the Masters.


#2: The last photograph of Kim Jong-Il, as North Korea launched its unique "boomerang" missile.

D. Carter

And the winning entry for the final Caption Contest of Season One...

#1: ♫
I'm a little despot
Short and stout;
Here is my handle
Here is my spout;
When I get all steamed up
I will shout:
Launch the missiles
And blast Bush out!

rodney dill


I hereby award 5 points for this ingenious little parody...

Who's the Korean Lunatic
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
You're damn right!

Who is the man
That would shoot off nukes at his brother man?
Can ya dig it?

Who's the Kim that acts insane
Who won't give back the Chinese trains?
Right on!

You see, this cat Il is a bad mother---
(Shut your mouth!)
But, I'm just talkin' about Il!
(Then we can dig it!)

He's a crazy short man
And no one understands him
Not even his woman


5 bonus points also for this phunny photoshop...

Paris Hilton called, she wants her "look" back.


[Is that his pet or his lunch? Yo quero Taco Bell spokesdog! -Mr. Right]

Bravo! Bravo!

Encore! Encore!

Captions Outrageous! [Dissenting Opinion Edition]


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