Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ogmeet 2006

Last night, Ogmeet 2006 kicked off with a small, intimate group of bloggers getting together at the Stonewood Ale House in Schaumburg, IL for dinner and drinks.

It was fascinating to be able to meet a number of people I had come to "know" a bit online over the past couple of years, as well as a couple of new folks that I hope to get to know better in the future.

So, you are probably asking by now, who was there? Other than myself and my wife, of course... Well, I can now say that I have met the following people live and in person. I think I'll be adding a new category to the blogroll for that soon:

Leslie of LESLIE'S OMNIBUS, who seems to live for these sorts of events, and who did a great job putting this thing together.

Bruce the Human Pet & Peg-Eye Nate of THE CONSERVATIVE CAT, who got permission from Ferdy to take the night off and attend, and earned the title for the biggest celebrities in attendance.

JimmyB of THE CONSERVATIVE UAW GUY, who drove in from Ohio and was packing heat back at the hotel in anticipation of today's shooting excursion.

Mark of WINDYPUNDIT, who kept busy showing off, and putting to good use, his fancy digital camera.

Grant of C-SPOT, a technology buff who spent much of the night talking shop with my computer teacher wife.

A small but enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed some good food and conversation. According to my sources, there were several others who were in town last night that struck out on their own for a side excursion. Hmmmmm...

Much more is happening today, though I, sadly, am not likely to make it to any of the events that were planned. Leslie was taking a small group to downtown Chicago to see Millennium Park, among other things. Og was hosting the shooting party in Buffalo Grove, which JimmyB was looking forward to. There is another dinner and drinks gathering in Cicero later on, as well.

Those of you looking for pictures, go over and have a look at Windypundit, who has some posted on his site along with links to a gallery and a slideshow. Just promise not to be too disappointed when you see me. Clark Gable I'm not. Oh, and you'll have to click on one of his links for a photo that ID's me. Of course, this means my cover is blown. Oh, well. Maybe I can sue ala Val "Vanity Fair Cover(t) Girl" Plame.


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