Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wictory Wednesday - July 5, 2006

With our most gracious organizer, John Bambenek of Part-Time Pundit, tied up this week, we have been informed that we are on our own, which means I get to choose for myself whom to support this week. (We always have that option, but John's done such a great job picking candidates to spotlight thus far, I haven't felt it necessary to stray.) The only problem? There are so many great candidates out there, how do you pick just one?

After giving it a great deal of thought, I have decided to take what some may think the easy way out this week and blog for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The NRCC is a way to contribute to a national Republican victory on election night, rather than any one candidate in particular. While one may argue that various elements from the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate have let Conservatives down on numerous occasions, the House has been a stronghold of Conservative values that have even stood up against the tide on such emotional issues as illegal immigration.

It is tremendously important to keep the House, which controls the nation's purse-strings, in Republican hands this coming November. Once lost, our majority there could be hard to reclaim due to the nature of many Congressional districts.

For one thing, with the Democrats in charge of the House, we are almost certain to see the far-left fever-swamp dream of Impeachment hearings come to fruition under the guidance of the hero of the Democratic Underground and DailyKos moonbat crowds, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who would inherit the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee and with it, the power to subpoena. Rep. Conyers has already held mock Impeachment hearings in the Capitol Building's basement, and is dreaming of the day he can plunge this nation into a nightmare of conspiracy theorist snipe hunting!

Next, there is the spectre of Rep. John "Cut and Run" Murtha (D-PA), possibly becoming House Majority Leader, a post he has already announced he is coveting.

As if you needed any more incentives to help prevent this impending disaster, how about the idea of the House Intelligence Committee being chaired by an Impeached Federal Judge turned Florida Congressman, Alcee Hastings???

Or the powerful tax-writing committee, Ways and Means, under the stewardship of New York's pet moonbat, Charlie Rangel???

Oh, and need I even mention the words "Speaker Pelosi"???

We must not lose sight of the big picture here, folks. Democrats can no longer to be trusted with the reins of power in this country, because they are a party now run by left-wing radical elements. They bear no resemblance at all, other than the party's now indelibly stained name, to the Democrats of the era of FDR and Harry Truman. We are at war, a war we MUST win! To do that, we need to make certain we have people in place who are willing to do the right things to bring about victory. We have that now in our Republican House majority. Please help see to it that we keep it!

This has been a production of the Wictory Wednesday blogburst. If you would like to join Wictory Wednesday, please see this post or contact John Bambenek at jcb (dot) blog [at] gmail {dot} com.

Do you blog? Instead of just expressing anger and dismay at what is going on in Washington, D.C., please join us in working to increase Republican majorities, elect more conservatives and defeat liberals everywhere. It is the only way we will ever win!

Remember: Refusing to support Republicans won't hurt the RINO factions, it will only help Democrats and their far-left liberal kook base seize power! Thank you.

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