Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Neat Ogmeet Stuff

For anyone interested in seeing and reading more about Ogmeet 2006, here are links to some of the other attendees' posts...

Leslie the Omnibus Driver from Leslie's Omnibus has a full recap of Friday night's events and promises more to come.

The event's namesake, Og the Neanderpundit, whom I will have to get an opportunity to meet next time, gives his wrap up here.

JimmyB, the Conservative UAW Guy, checks in with his own account.

As I linked earlier, Windypundit has pictures from Day 1, but as I have NOT linked until now, he also has pictures from Day 2 as well!

Meanwhile, as a result of a discussion with Leslie, Bruce from the Conservative Cat is now putting together a blogroll of Illinois bloggers. If you are from Illinois and you blog, please sign up!

Also, in my last post about Ogmeet, I linked to Grant's mostly unused blog. Instead, I probably should have given him a plug for his wonderful professional website, Grantastic Designs. Oversight corrected.

And if you still crave more, you can read about the portions of Ogmeet I missed from some of the folks I never met:

That 1 Guy from Drunken Wisdom
Tammi from Tammi's World
Biloxi from the Republic of Biloxi

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