Sunday, July 02, 2006

'ROUND THE 'SPHERE: 4th of July Holiday Edition

For those of you who are inexplicably stuck in front of your computers instead of out having a good time in honor of the birth of our great nation, here are a few items of interest from the past week on the right side of the world wide webbernet...

R.I.P. Acidman. You will be missed.

The Sandcrawler is finally out of the shop! Dr. Rusty, Howie and the rest of the gang are back up and running at The Jawa Report after a prolonged absence due to a DNS attack from some Islamofascist goat-molesters in Turkey! Just goes to prove, you can't keep a good Jawa down forever! Keep giving 'em hell guys, you've obviously struck a nerve!

Now, if only Aaron could get his site back up... but in the meantime, if you haven't seen it yet, he's still managed to stick his middle finger up at the Islamofascist pig-pokers in a pretty funny way.

Start the countdown: Wide Awakes Radio is just about ready for launch! They go live on July 4th and they really have some great talent lined up for this thing, too! Good luck, guys. I really hope you are a smashing success!

Congratulations to our good buddy Pat Curley of Branster's Blog, who got himself mentioned in a book as an example of how bloggers are serving as the watchdogs of the mainstream media! Heh!

With Will Franklin currently MIA, Ken McCracken has been doing a great job holding down the fort over at WILLisms. His article about the history of Islamists working hand-in-hand with the Nazis is fascinating stuff!

Fretting about the Democrats sweeping into power in the November midterm elections? Don't. DJ Drummond explains why over at the indispensible Wizbang Politics.

I've been hesitant to blog about the whole New York al-Qaeda Times incident here, for fear of publishing something in a blind rage I'd later regret, but our own T.M. "Giacomo" Ergin has done so with his usual measured approach, and quite well I must say, at his own blog, Joust the Facts. Go over and read this and then read this for some keen insight on the matter.

Speaking of The Right Place Family of Bloggers, Anna is still blogging away over at A Rose By Any Other Name. Appropriately enough for the weekend of the 4th of July, she has a great tribute to Glenn Miller as well as some Hollywood heroes of a bygone era, before it was considered in vogue to spit on all things American there.

A fellow blogger (and a very funny guy I might add), Robert Potfry, could use your help on an immigration snafu that may keep his wife from attending her brother's wedding. If you have any ideas that you think may be of any help to them, please share at the e-mail given in the link.

It seems there may be a "Fitzmas" after all, just not at all what any of the moonbats were hoping for! Marathon Pundit's John Ruberry has the skinny on a brewing political scandal being investigated by Mr. Fitzgerald (yes, the one and only) that just might bite the Democrat Governor of Illinois, who is up for re-election this year by the way, right in the arse! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Fitz!

What a great idea! Kimsch over at Musing Minds has an excellent way to say thanks to those who serve!

10,000 already??? Congratulations to Jeanette, Kathy and the rest of those marvelous folks at Hang Right Politics, who have achieved a remarkable milestone in a very short period of time (a little over a month)! Given how great that blog is, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that this is just the beginning! Way to go!


The Nose on Your Face says that those bastards at The New York Times are at it again!

Damian G. of Conservathink has the straight dope on the latest escapades of John Murtha and Al Gore.

Potfry thinks the anti-war activists have to give up on the hunger strikes and show some real commitment! Bush to Kim Jong-il: Bring it on, wimp!

And lastly, as always, this carnival is CRAZY!

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